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Policies, Terms, Conditions and Expectations
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 Posted: Fri Nov 28th, 2008 02:54 am1st Post
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Vibe.us is a U.S. citizen owned and operated core political speech forum that strives to be non-partisan. It is open to everyone and is always free.

Vibe.us believes that "We the People" are the leaders of the United States. As our nation's leaders, it is up to each and every one of us to get this message across to our elected officials.  Vibe.us provides the forum.  You provide the message.

Vibe.us recognizes that our Founding Fathers did not write one single word of profanity, engage in name-calling, or include pornographic illustrations, in the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution.  That said, Vibe.us expects its members not to engage in profanity, name-calling, or include pornography, in their writings either.

Vibe.us posts communicate better messages when its members use complete sentences, however, normal grammatical errors are acceptable and expected.  What is not acceptable, however, is writing in text message style, i.e., abbreviated words and symbols.   This writing style is considered a waste of time to the readers, so do not do it, please.

Vibe.us privacy policy is simple.  We do not need to know who you are. This website does, however, use cookies for log in purposes.  It also allows its users to view a map showing in which states members are located.  I believe that this feature was built in to the site to allow members to get an idea of the global reach of vibe.us.  Any third-party links in the site have their own privacy policies and information gathering capabilities, as does any other Internet site.

This post will be updated periodically.  All input is welcome.

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