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Robert Stein    Vibe Ambassador

Robert Stein   

Vibe Ambassador

Realtor®, Team Leader, Certified Mentor,

Championship Bodybuilder,

Award Winning Music Composer and Publisher

Realtor®, Team Leader, Certified

Mentor, Championship Bodybuilder,

Award Winning Music Composer and


Meet Rob

Rob Stein is the ultimate real estate educator. As a multi-business-owning entrepreneur, Rob brings multiple streams of experience that, when merged together, create an unstoppable force that can transform your life and income. While most real estate coaches have experience as high performing agents, Rob takes it up a notch by combining that with his experience as an educator. With a master’s degree and over 20 years of experience teaching and consulting, Rob delivers the incredible content you need while ensuring you have fun learning it—and can easily implement what you learn to guarantee your success.

Fun Fact

“I can play every single instrument!”

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Why Rob Recommends Vibe to Fellow Realtors

As Rob puts it, “The ability to be more interactive on a virtual consultation is essential in this day and age. Before COVID, all meetings were always in person. Now, a lot of folks like virtual consultations for their schedule, and they’re especially useful for out-of-state buyers. Right now we’re switching back and forth between various screen sharing on Zoom, which can be awkward.

Vibe opens up the doors…to more easily share documents [and] slide presentations with a split-screen format so the client can still see my face, contract reviews, and more.

For Rob, Vibe is especially handy when it comes to contract reviews, since you can “participate, circle, or point out important items and more. Agents who can really master the virtual meeting will have a MASSIVE advantage in the real estate world.”

As a Team Leader, Rob trains his team virtually every day. In fact, “Just this morning we were reviewing a contract, which went fine, but it was very cumbersome and not NEARLY as effective as if we all had interactive abilities of the Vibe. Document reviews, script practice, showing systems side-by-side and how they integrate together—[with Vibe,]literally the possibilities are endless.”

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