6 Uses for Digital Whiteboards Outside of the Office


When you think of whiteboards, you probably think of office meetings. And that makes sense. That’s where many of us were first introduced to them. However, digital whiteboards are so versatile that they’ve got plenty of purposes even outside of the office.

If you’re in the process of working from home, while also homeschooling your kids, digital whiteboards are a lifesaver to have. The Vibe whiteboard has endless canvases so that you can easily use it daily for both your career and their education. Here are just a few ideas.

Use digital whiteboards for distance learning

If you’re a teacher trying to manage a classroom online right now, a Vibe board is a great way to help keep all of your students connected. You can easily take notes that are easy to read and understand. Even better, they’ll be available for your kids to use as a resource later. That way, if anyone has any further questions after your lesson is over, they can access your notes and refresh their memory.

Homeschool using an interactive board

For those of us who’ve had to homeschool our children during this pandemic, there wasn’t much of a way to prepare us for what was ahead. Teachers have to go to school and take very specific classes to be good at what they do. But if you’re normally a working parent that got an extra “promotion” to teacher, those resources likely weren’t available to you. With a whiteboard, you can quickly transform your home office into a classroom. This is especially good for visual learners. Sometimes, you just need to jot down notes and draw pictures in order for an idea to become clear.

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A mother homeschools her son using a digital whiteboard app. A mother homeschools her son using a digital whiteboard app.

Use the board for entertainment

You can easily access programs that’ll help connect you with friends, like Zoom. Having the people you love on a big screen is the next best thing to seeing them in person. Your Vibe board also connects to the App store, meaning you can use it to watch YouTube or Netflix. Not all digital whiteboards can do this, but Vibe can.

Pursue a new hobby

Whether it’s sketching out ideas for a new business or designing your own wardrobe, whiteboards are a great place to get started on a new venture. You can even learn how to program using a Vibe board. If you’ve got plenty of free time these days, now’s the time to learn new skills and dedicate some hours to something you’ve always been passionate about.


Connect with family virtually

It’s been tough for parents to think about fun ways to spend time with your children when that time seems… endless. Maybe you’re living far away from grandma and grandpa, and are looking for new ways to reach out to them and keep your relationship strong outside of digital chats. With a Vibe board, your toddlers and kids can sketch out pictures or send drawings that they’ll be able to access online. They can also leave each other notes on the board, which can serve as an optimistic way to start the day.

Creatively keep your household in order

Take your planning to the next level. With Vibe, you can make creative presentations that’ll be useful for your family. For example, you can create a way to display the dinner menu for the week. Or, if your children lose track of what chores they’re responsible for, they can easily check. Maybe new information hits the board every week, so they know that Sunday’s the day to check in and plan for the days ahead.

And here’s a tip: if your presentation is fun and colorful, there’s a good chance they’ll have a better response to it. Vibe is a great tool for parents who are tired of repeating themselves. By having the information in one place, everyone can be on the same page.


Virtual whiteboards are the way of the future. If you have one in your home, feel free to explore the many innovative ways you can use it to liven up your day and connect with the people who mean the most to you.

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