7 Reasons to Invest in Dual Monitors


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Every business wants their employees to be as efficient and productive as possible–so, how do we do that? There are many ways to boost performance in the workplace, but switching to dual monitor setups is an affordable and easy way to do it.

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular, and the way we work is changing. We’ll show you why dual monitor setups are one of the best ways to make working at home even better.

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What is a dual monitor set-up?

Dual monitor setups allow you to use two screens that operate from a single computer — like a visual extension of your workspace . There are many applications where having a dual monitor setup offers practically unlimited advantages, and almost all computers are capable of handling two monitors. Here are seven key advantages to using more than one computer monitor:

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It increases productivity.

Reduces downtime.
Dual monitor setups are inherently redundant — if something happens to one monitor, employees can continue to work using the working one without any productivity or data loss. There is no other monitor setup that can offer that type of flexibility, and dual monitors are extremely easy to maintain.

Increases work flow on computer.
When using two monitors from a single computer, each employee can easily run multiple applications at once without having to change windows — this basically doubles the amount of available workspace. Dual monitors also make it simple to drag and drop data from each application to another.

They are great for certain tasks.

Zoom calls.
Video sharing apps, like Zoom, often allow screen sharing during a video call — this allows your employees to participate in a video conference while simultaneously collaborating on their projects. Dual monitors also allow you to have one screen up with reference materials during Zoom calls and meetings.

Comparing critical data.
One of the largest advantages of dual monitors is that you can have critical information pulled up on one screen to reference while you work on the second screen. Dual monitor setups allow you to compare different files and projects easily, or you can view instructional videos and tutorials while repeating the steps on your second screen to learn more efficiently.

They are simple to use.

Most computers and laptops inherently support dual monitors and don’t require any additional software to set up. Using two monitors is no different than using a single–anyone who can already use a computer can instantly adapt to having an extra screen.

Moving a window or application from one monitor to another is as simple as dragging it from one screen to the next. Most applications will typically remember which monitor you use it on so, after the initial setup, the computer will know what programs you want to open on each monitor.

Dual monitors are extremely simple to use in regards to the many advantages that they can provide.

It can benefit your employees (and you).

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Increase collaboration.
Dual monitors make collaboration between employees easier than ever; you can communicate with team members on one screen while working on a project on the other one. Having a second monitor gives you a lot of additional space to collaborate with the rest of the organization.

A man at work with a dual monitor setup A man at work with a dual monitor setup

Increases communication.
Communication becomes easier with dual monitors; you can keep in touch with other employees, customers, and management without interrupting your work. You can use communication tools like Zoom, Skype, or Slack while having your project open on the second screen to reference during team discussions.

It works well with laptops.

One massive advantage of dual monitors is that they are compatible with laptops and mobile devices. Laptops typically have small screens that can be more challenging to work on, but you can easily attach a second monitor to more than double your workspace. You can even work from your mobile device by using a docking station to cast your phone screen onto a second monitor.

It helps you maintain focus.

Reduces distractions.
You might think that having two screens in front of you would provide more distractions than only having one, but the opposite is true. With a dual monitor setup, you no longer have to switch between tabs while you are working and can view everything at once without interrupting your workflow.

Your desktop is more organized.
Dual monitors essentially give you double the desktop space, which reduces the cluttering on your screen. Is your desktop full of pinned apps and documents? You can move some of them to the second screen and free up some of the space that they take up. It’s easier to stay organized when you have all of that extra room.

It’s excellent for gaming.

What about when you’re not working? Dual monitors give you a better, enhanced gaming experience. You can easily have a video, music, or chat opened on the second screen while gaming, and a second monitor is essential for anyone who plans on live streaming — dual monitors allow you to chat and interact with viewers without interrupting your gameplay.

Installing dual monitors

There’s not much that you need to install dual monitors other than a computer and the two monitors that you want to use. Monitors and computers have multiple ways to connect to each other, and there are a few different types of cables you may need. Your monitors will connect with one (or more) of these:

  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • DVI
  • DisplayPort

Setting up dual monitors is simple:

  1. Connect the second monitor to a power source and your computer.
  2. In your computer’s display settings, choose “Extend these displays” in the multiple displays window.
  3. Choose the monitor order and primary display.

That’s it–you’re ready to use your dual monitor setup!

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Should you invest in dual monitors?

A dual monitor setup ideal for work and gaming. A dual monitor setup ideal for work and gaming.

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A dual monitor setup is one of many ways to boost productivity, collaboration, and communication in the workplace–there are rarely any situations when one monitor is better than two. If you want to learn about other ways to increase collaboration in your business, Vibe offers multiple solutions for enhanced workplace engagement and efficiency.

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