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Exercise is proven to better our physical and mental health, both of which have likely suffered during the pandemic. In fact, a study from International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that 41.2% of at-home workers reported low back pain, while 23.5% reported neck pain . Doctors suggest that exercise can stretch, strengthen, and repair muscles to support the back and alleviate pain.

As we enter the 10th month of the pandemic, many of us have struggled to maintain a fitness routine. We miss the gym and can’t drag ourselves off the couch anymore to break a sweat. Our go-to home workout routines are monotonous and we need something new to get back on track.

To make exercise a little easier, here are some tips for how to workout at home with Vibe.

Find your ideal routine on YouTube

YouTube is a haven for all things exercise. Thousands of videos are at your fingertips with just a few quick searches. Whether you’re up to the challenge of HITT or need to stretch it out with some yoga, you can find it all on YouTube. There are even some no-noise workouts to make sure you don’t bother your neighbor downstairs.

Just open up the YouTube app, find a workout you’re in the mood for, and start sweating. Don’t forget to use full screen mode. (From personal experience, a larger screen keeps me focused and makes it a lot easier to replicate the exercises.)

Follow fitness instructors on Instagram

There are tons of fitness influencers that release creative at home workouts on their Instagrams. The videos will range from quick, 1 minute videos explaining each exercise with a more detailed description in the comments to hour-long IGTV’s where you workout alongside them. You can target specific muscle groups like your core, arms, and legs or you can choose a full body workout.

Simply open up Instagram on your web browser, find a workout that suits you, and follow along! Some of my favorite users include brittnejackson , soheefit , and aubrewinters .

Plan your workouts

A workout plan outlined on the Vibe Board A workout plan outlined on the Vibe Board

If you’re a self-starter with a love of planning, you can create a template and organize your weekly workouts. The beauty of the template is that you can keep the structure of your workout but tailor the exercises to fit your needs.

For example, at the beginning of the week you can specify a muscle group for each day and then breakdown every exercise. This will simplify your week and keep you motivated to reach your goals. To add a little spice, utilize Vibe’s split screen feature to pull up your favorite Spotify playlist and rock out while you workout.

These days exercise can seem like a daunting task, but just a few minutes a day to get your body moving will go a long way. YouTube and Instagram are great ways to find new workouts, and planning them out will help you stay organized and on track toward your goals. No two people are the same so choose whatever exercise is best for you. Whether it’s a light stretch, plyometrics, or cardio, we hope Vibe can help make working out a little easier.

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