How to Craft Clear Job Descriptions for Remote Roles

How to Craft Clear Job Descriptions for Remote Roles


When searching for the best candidates for your remote position, you want to craft a job description that speaks to the most qualified individuals. Vague language can leave you sifting through hundreds of applications that are not quite the right fit for your company. Here are a few tips for writing the best job descriptions for those remote roles. 

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Why You Need a Clear Job Description

Why do you need a clear job description? You want to narrow down the field of applicants. A typical job posting will get applications from hundreds or even thousands of would-be job seekers. You want to ensure that only the best-qualified candidates are applying. 

Along with that, a clear job description can outline the goals of your company. Plus, you can allow job seekers to understand what you expect from their position. The more upfront you are about the job the better prepared a new hire will be when applying for the role. 

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Tips To Write an Effective Job Description

Before you start to write your next job description, here are a few things that you will want to know. 

Job description tips Job description tips

Make It Short and Sweet

When it comes time to attract the right person, you want to craft the best job posting. Your job description should be exciting and dynamic. These descriptions are all about enticing qualified candidates for the role. It is vital to make sure the applicants understand all the role details without bogging it down in unnecessary information. Make sure to include those essential duties and what you expect from them. You might give a few details about what a successful candidate should be expected to bring to the company.

Get the Right Job Title

Everyone seems to want the next “rockstar,” “ninja,” or “guru” for their job openings. However, that is not attracting the right type of talent. You might think that this is cool and hip, but it could be driving away potential candidates. According to Indeed , job seekers are not looking for those “rockstar” job descriptions. They want to apply to companies presenting a professional image. Job candidates are also searching for terms related to the position, such as computer programmer or sales manager. Unfortunately, “ninja” doesn’t seem to make it to the top of the search page. 

Use More Inclusive Language

With over half the workforce consisting of women, using language that appeals to everyone is essential. When you use gender-neutral language in your job description, you increase the diversity of applications for the position. Masculine wording can make female applicants feel less likely that they would fit into the company’s culture. Make sure to avoid any words that could be tied to one gender, like a salesman. With more inclusive language, you can get the best candidates while showing that you are looking for a diverse team of employees. 

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Focus on Growth and Development Opportunities

Yes, you need to list some of the job’s responsibilities, but try to avoid those lengthy bullet-point lists. After the 15th bullet point, most job seekers will zone out. Instead, focus on those growth and development opportunities. Make your potential candidates excited for the position. You could even write a short blurb about how you are changing the industry or how this job plays a vital role in the company’s success. 

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Involve Your Entire Team

At many companies, the job description sits in a file cabinet at Human Resources. The only time that anyone reads it is when it comes time to look for a new candidate. For the most part, these job descriptions can remain static, and they often don’t reflect the changing workforce. If you are stuck trying to figure out what to write for a job posting, reach out to your team. Current employees have a better grasp of what is needed for the role. Plus, they understand what types of candidates you want to target for your job description. Sometimes, it is better to get an outside opinion to help create the best job description. 

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Promote Your Company Culture

In the old days, job seekers applied to jobs even if they didn’t seem like a great fit. That is not the case today. Potential employees want to make sure they have a perfect match for the company. No one wants to feel like an outsider. Plus, you don’t want to waste time and money on a hire that just doesn’t fit into your company’s goals. Make sure to promote your company’s culture to your potential job applicants. Not only can you weed out bad candidates, but you attract an experienced applicant with the right mindset for the job.

Create a Sense of Urgency

You might be under a deadline to fill the open position, but should you let the candidates know? Of course! A sense of urgency can actually bring more candidates into the application process. Most people know that the hiring process can be long and drawn out. Not only do they have to submit an application, but it might also take two to three interviews before a decision is made. When you make it clear that you are motivated to hire, it is more likely that your potential new hires will apply to the job. 

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Keep an Eye on the Details

When a resume comes across your desk, you probably judge every little detail. That also works similarly with candidates and job descriptions. Before you hit “publish,” check out every detail of the job posting. Do a grammar check, spell check, and proofread the job description. Even hand it over to another person to make sure the description is clear and concise. Create a posting that is easy to read so that your candidates can quickly scan all of the information. 

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