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At Vibe, our goal is to make remote collaboration easy, accessible, and productive for as many people as possible. There is value in the ability to effectively connect and communicate with your team—whether that’s coworkers, clients, or students—regardless of where you are in the world.

With that in mind, you’re invited to learn how to maximize your remote collaboration capabilities with Vibe through our business and education webinars .

Vibe smartboard in conference room Vibe smartboard in conference room

The future of work is hybrid: Vibe for business

With digital smart board technology, teams can innovate, ideate, and collaborate like never before. As the center of your hybrid workspace, Vibe elevates your business with interactive presentations, dynamic digital whiteboarding, and all-important team collaboration.

Remote and hybrid work environments are here to stay. And while that can be exciting, change can also present new and unexpected challenges. Jedrik Viray, head of sales at Vibe, will demonstrate how the Vibe smartboard and collaboration software can help with the transition.

You’ll learn:

  • How to optimize video conferencing for remote teams
  • Real-time collaboration options with digital whiteboarding
  • How to integrate your favorite apps with Vibe’s open ecosystem
  • Documentation and annotation app integration
  • How to share and screencast using Vibe

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Hybrid learning that actually works: Vibe for education

The education landscape has completely transformed across teaching, learning, and administration. As a key component of your hybrid classroom’s technology , Vibe helps teachers keep students engaged in the post-pandemic world.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how the Vibe smartboard is already making an impact in hybrid learning instruction and addressing the challenges brought about by distance learning and hybrid teaching environments.

Some of the topics we’ll review include:

  • How to create lessons using your favorite apps and devices
  • Real-time communication with digital whiteboarding
  • How to share screens and collaborate across devices
  • Presenting, interacting, and annotating through collaboration software

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Jedrik, head of sales and Vibe webinar host, is always ready to talk tech and find solutions. Jedrik, head of sales and Vibe webinar host, is always ready to talk tech and find solutions.

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Great technology solutions should be intuitive, inviting, and easy to integrate into your workflow. Bring your team together and create something awesome by adding Vibe to your workspace.

Want to do some research on your own? Check out the Vibe blog or visit the Help Center for advice, strategies, best practices, and more. Hope to see you at a webinar soon!

Vibe offers a collaborative solution combining an interactive digital whiteboard and innovative smart software. Increase engagement and efficiency at your brainstorming sessions, virtual training, and classroom sessions by integrating your favorite applications with video conferencing and an infinite, mess-free writing canvas. Collaborate today with Vibe.

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