10 Remote Collaboration Tools for Your Business Needs


Remote work is at its peak since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. According to Huffington Post, when asked what style of work they’d prefer, 38% of workers responded that they’d like a mix of remote and office work, with 27% saying they’d want to be fully remote. For now, remote work isn’t going anywhere.

Remote collaboration tools are critical for keeping a team functioning smoothly from around the globe. Challenges these technologies can solve include:

  • conducting meetings.
  • collaborating on projects.
  • keeping your teammates informed.
  • sharing projects with coworkers.

Many industries benefit from remote collaboration tools, including marketing; sales; publishing; finance; and more. If your team is currently figuring out how to work effectively in a remote-work world, consider these collaboration tools.


If you collaborate with others or attend meetings of any kind, you’ll need to rely on Zoom. Zoom offers free and paid video conferencing, including meeting rooms, integrations with other apps, collaboration chat, and a cloud phone system.

Zoom can easily be a free remote collaboration tool. The free tier allows you to host up to 100 participants, have unlimited 1-on-1 meetings, and host group calls for up to 40 minutes.

Paid tiers expand the number of participants you can add to large meetings and allow for add-ons like transcripts, company branding, and international calling.

Almost any industry or job can benefit from Zoom if you need to have regular video meetings.

With Vibe’s splitscreen feature, you can take calls and keep creating. With Vibe’s splitscreen feature, you can take calls and keep creating.


One capstone piece to any great meeting is a whiteboard, but traditional ones can’t be used remotely. With Vibe, you can collaborate on a digital whiteboard across different devices and easily send whiteboards to your coworkers.

Vibe seamlessly integrates with Chrome, Zoom, DropBox, Adobe, Canvas, and even more third-party apps.

While other digital whiteboards do exist, many of them rely on native software and can’t be used across devices (PCs, Macs, and so on). Vibe lets you work across all types of devices. Additionally, other digital boards have limited app integrations, where Vibe gives you a complete integration suite.

Marketing, sales, PR, design, or any team that needs to collaborate visually on a whiteboard will do better with Vibe. Check out our demo to see what the Vibe board can do.

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Slack is a remote collaboration tool that allows members of your company to stay connected. Teammates can chat with each other across channels, so ideas and projects remain organized. Additionally, you can reply to messages within threads to notify only those who need to stay in the loop.

If you work with other companies or vendors, you can share specific channels with them rather than giving access to your entire conversations. Keep private information private. If needed, you can also use Slack for video and voice calls.

Slack can be a free remote collaboration tool and also has paid tiers depending on your needs.

Industries or jobs that rely on constant communication between teammates, such as content writers, sales, business development, or marketing, will find Slack useful.

Whether through video or chat, communication is key. Whether through video or chat, communication is key.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This remote collaboration tool allows you to access your work or home computer from anywhere or share your screen with teammates. You can easily access the devices you need from anywhere in the world.

Chrome Remote Desktop is secure, so you never have to worry about leaking sensitive information.

If you’re in an industry or job that requires frequent travel, this remote collaboration tool is a lifesaver should you leave your computer behind.

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Many of us suffer the plight of an overflowing email inbox. Spark allows you to clean up your inbox and quickly find important emails. You can also snooze emails and get back to them once you have more time.

Spark further revolutionizes email by allowing you to collaborate on email drafts, discuss emails with teammates, and use pre-written templates to create emails more quickly.

While any team that frequently uses email will benefit from Spark, it is especially effective for sales, freelancers, or the executive team.


While we no longer write down passwords in a notebook for anyone to uncover, password management within the team can be challenging. A typical team or organization still maintains many different passwords across different sites. How do you keep them organized?

LastPass is a secure password vault that allows you to access passwords across different sites from one location. Create a single master password to access all your information. You can also store credit card or other sensitive information in LastPass with peace of mind.

If you work in an industry that uses many different technologies, each with its own password that all your teammates need access to, consider LastPass. This is especially useful in the tech industry.

Google Drive

Google Drive has it all, from documents to slide shows to spreadsheets. All of these documents are securely stored in the cloud and can be shared internally and externally, allowing people to edit, comment, or simply view your work.

Google Drive also includes Google Meet, a secure, enterprise-grade form of video conferencing. It allows up to 150 participants per call, and you can record video conferences for those who can’t make it.

This free remote collaboration tool integrates with Microsoft Office, enables offline access, and allows team members to work from any device. There are also paid tiers depending on your business needs.

Google Drive is particularly useful in industries or jobs where you’re constantly sharing documents (or spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) externally, such as sales or freelancing.


Google Assistant

Google Assistant helps you do many different things, including:

  • searching the web hands-free using only your voice.
  • playing a 40-second song while you wash your hands.
  • checking your E*TRADE portfolio.
  • sending or reading WhatsApp messages with voice.
  • texting your contacts.
  • and even more.

Google Assistant works great on an individual level and helps you get work done using voice recognition. If you’re always on the go but need to communicate or get information via specific platforms, Google Assistant can help.


One of the biggest time sucks is needing to transfer information across apps. You get an email, but that needs to go to DropBox, then that needs to be sent out via Slack…soon you’ve wasted an hour.

Zapier integrates your apps and does this for you. You can create a workflow from any app and tell Zapier which apps to Zap to. Zapier integrates with over 3,000 apps, including Google Drive, Slack, Trello, Zoom, Quickbooks, Facebook Lead Ads, and more. For any teams that use a variety of different tools, this saves you busy work. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, healthcare, or more, try Zapier.


Toggl includes three products: Plan, Track, and Hire.

Toggl Plan is a seamless project planner that allows teams to visually see who’s working on what. It helps teams be aware of what’s coming down the pipeline. Used by Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and other major tech companies, Toggl streamlines project planning.

Toggl Track is remote collaboration software that helps you keep track of minutes to know where you’re spending your time. The tracking, custom reports, and billable hours keep anyone organized, from freelancers to large enterprises.

Toggl Hire helps you save time when screening candidates. It reduces time to hire by 80% and allows you to create tests that filter candidates based on the most relevant skills.

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Toggl Plan and Hire are better suited for large companies with more demanding projects and hiring needs. Track can be used by just about anyone in any industry who wants to maximize their time.

Remote collaboration tools will boost productivity and communication

Remote work is the new normal. To increase productivity and facilitate collaboration between remote employees, you must get the best tools for your team. Whether you’re a team of one or work at a Fortune 500 company, these are some of the best tools for productivity.

Vibe offers a collaborative solution combining an interactive digital whiteboard and innovative smart software. Increase engagement and efficiency at your brainstorming sessions, virtual training, and classroom sessions by integrating your favorite applications with video conferencing and an infinite, mess-free writing canvas! Collaborate today with Vibe.

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