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Watch the 4 min demo to learn how Vibe can transform your workspace.
All-in-one huddle room solution
Streamlined workflow with third-party apps
Universal screencast and file share
Dynamic collaboration on an infinite canvas
One-click video conferencing experience
Watch the 5 min demo to learn how Vibe can revolutionize your teaching.
All-in-one classroom solution
Easy screen share and touch back control
Multimedia teaching with rich educational apps
One-click video conferencing experience
Cloud-based whiteboard app with infinite canvas

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If you need a PO, please request a quote.

Trusted by 33,000+ companies

all over the world

Trusted by 33,000+ companies

all over the world

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“Vibe allows us to be more creative and work outside of the box of a typical spreadsheet or PowerPoint.”
Will Curran
Chief Event Einstein at Endless Events
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“I’m most excited about having Vibe be used around the whole learning environment.”
Ryne Anthony
Director of Innovation at Fluxspace
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“It’s enabled me to communicate in more ways, and more interesting ways. Vibe has made it easy to differentiate yourself in some kind of way.”
Ian Westermann
Founder of Essential Tennis
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“Vibe is the combination of remote, on-site, digital spaces and cool tech, that allow our distributed teams on the same page.”
Andy Atkins
CEO at 730 Eddy Studios
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“Vibe is a great tool to make sure everyone’s on the same page.”
Jonathan Wong
Project Manager at Smith Bros. & Wilson, Ltd.
Why Vibe

Vibe Board

S1 55"

Samsung Flip 2




2S 50"

Google Jamboard


SMART Board®

6000 Series 65"



Nickel 65"

Integrated Camera
Packed with AI features
One-Click Video Conferencing