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As interest in home schooling explodes, many parents are looking for ways to make learning from home interesting, engaging, interactive, and simple. Enter smart whiteboards, like the Vibe Digital Interactive Smart Whiteboard. As simple to use as an iPad, Vibe allows you to hold lessons, participate in video conference calls, and spark creativity; all while being the most cost-effective interactive whiteboard on the market.

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Vibe integrates with an entire suite of apps and programs to make lessons informative and fun. Features like customizable templates, allows you to make lesson plans that you can build upon and re-use. You can keep lessons on track by easily switching between screens and programs, and split-screen the board between videos, images, and blank space to take notes.

On top of that, Vibe’s infinite canvas, and ability to save working sessions, will help you save space in your home; free of extra things to hang, or unnecessary devices.

Read how one homeschooling mom uses Vibe to make her three kids’ school days engaging and informative .

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