Vibe Board vs.

Promethean ActivPanel

Promethean ActivPanel
$8,999.99 - $21,999.99
From $4,399
Microsoft-specific solutions
Limited apps with extra cost
20+ apps limited to Universal Windows Platform apps and Classic Win32 apps
Designed for on-site teaching
Closed Windows Team OS system
Limited device compatibility
Difficult interface, high maintenance
32GB storage
Vibe Board
CAD $4,799 - CAD $8,999
From CAD $4,799
Open ecosystem tailored to your existing workflows
200+ free 3rd party apps for educators
200+ vetted 3rd party apps including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and more
Supports remote & hybrid teaching
Walk-up-and-use with easy setup
Compatible with any existing device
Hassle-free for educators and IT
128GB storage
Unlock Full Teaching Potential with Vibe
Get a Free Demo
Get a Free Demo
Every classroom is unique, and we're dedicated to providing tailored solutions to address your specific needs.
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Trusted by over 6,000+ educators
The Swiss Army Knife of Classroom EdTech
Uplevel your teaching environment, visual communication, and student engagement with Vibe's education solutions.
For Huddle Rooms
Vibe Board S1 55″
55″ 4K Touchscreen. Chromium OS. 128GB EMMC. Wi-Fi 6.
For Large Lecture Halls
Vibe Board S1 75″
75″ 4K Touchscreen. Chromium OS. 128GB EMMC. Wi-Fi 6.
For Huddle Rooms
Vibe Board S1 55″
55″ 4K Touchscreen. Chromium OS. 128GB EMMC. Wi-Fi 6.
For Large Lecture Halls
Vibe Board S1 75″
75″ 4K Touchscreen. Chromium OS. 128GB EMMC. Wi-Fi 6.
Buyer FAQs

Is the Vibe board easy to use? Do you offer training?

We designed Vibe to be an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that everyone can use right away on their next project. Think of Vibe as an oversized digital tablet, offering a familiar and comfortable experience for users of all levels.

Vibe doesn’t require extra computers, projectors, or calibration. Not only is it easy to learn, it’s fun to use! We provide complimentary onboarding training sessions to get you started, and you can always check out what’s new on our video tutorials or on our knowledge base.

Can I import images, PowerPoint, and PDF files into the whiteboard?

Yes! Vibe supports all of these formats, depending on which cloud storage option you’re using.

Read more: Learn which file formats are supported.

How can remote students see their teachers' drawings on a Vibe Board?

There are a few ways to share the view of your Vibe Board remotely:

  • From the Vibe Board, join or host your video call (via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.), then share your screen. Students will be able to see any content you share on the Vibe Board.

  • Share a link (edit or view only) of your Vibe Canvas with your students so they can view content and interact with you on the whiteboard in real-time.

    Note: with this option, students will only be able to view content specifically in the Vibe Board app. Content shared from screencast or 3rd party apps will not be visible

  • If connecting in real-time isn’t an option, teachers can export their Vibe Board as a PDF and share the file with students after the class.

Can students interact with the whiteboard in real-time, even if they don’t have a Vibe Board?

Yes! Vibe is a cloud-based software that is accessible on any web browser or tablet. Vibe also has an app for iPad.

Sharing a board is easy with Vibe Canvas. Just send the link to your canvas via email or copy and paste it in a video conference chat to collaborate with others. Students can interact with you on the canvas in real-time once they have the link for access.

What education-related apps do you support?

Many popular educational apps are supported on Vibe, including Canvas, Google Classroom, Blackboard, and Flipgrid. We’re constantly updating our integration offerings, so be sure to check out our full list of supported apps (and feel free to send us suggestions).

Pro Tip: Feeling tech-savvy? You can also enable the Google Play Store on your Vibe Board to try out additional third-party apps.

Does Vibe Board require a projector?
A projector is not needed for the board. However, if you want to mirror your Vibe Board to a larger device or screen (e.g., for an auditorium or large conference room setting), Vibe Boards can be connected to larger monitors and projectors via the HDMI Out port.

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