training with smart digital whiteboard
training with smart digital whiteboard

Bring an Interactive Whiteboard to Your Zoom Classroom

Vibe interactive whiteboard integrates with most educational apps on the market to help your on-site classes and online teaching.

Not a steep learning curve at all. Now it’s just second nature, running the Vibe board. I felt like it was a face-to-face lecture.

Dr. Henry Silverman

Professor of Medicine

Engage Your Students in Real-Time

The power of whiteboarding together, from anywhere in the world. Now your students can stay engaged, collaborate with you and each other, and experience live working sessions.


Spend your time teaching, not trouble-shooting

Vibe’s simple setup, and intuitive design, will keep your focus on your students. Easily export any of your whiteboard sessions to make student study-time even more productive.


A Better Classroom, from Anywhere


The most cost-effective interactive whiteboard on the market.


Use it for classroom lessons, academic research, and industry lectures.


Allow students to work through problems, ideas and exercises on the board, with no additional boards required.

Unlock Full Teaching Potential with Vibe
See Vibe in Action
Explore Vibe’s business impact in a 5-min demo
Explore Vibe in a 5-min demo

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our product experts

Connect with

our product experts

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  • Use Vibe for teaching class

    Professor Silverman at the University of Maryland used his Vibe board not only for online teaching, but also interacts with students.
  • Connecting remotely

    Just getting used to remote work? This video shows how Vibe can help you connect remotely.
  • How to present PowerPoint

    How to do a PowerPoint presentation with Vibe? Here we provide three options.
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