training with smart digital whiteboard
training with smart digital whiteboard

Manage multiple clients with ease

Vibe interactive whiteboard provides your team the ease and flexibility it needs to flawlessly juggle multiple campaigns.

Using our team’s Vibe to brainstorm is one of the highlights of my workday; it brings group collaboration to a whole new level. Vibe allows our teammates who work remotely to join us virtually on “the big screen”, be immersed in our discussion, and contribute in a more interactive way than ever before.

Taylor Harrington

Director of Digital Marketing, Akimbo

Make multi-tasking a breeze

Vibe interactive whiteboard allows you to easily navigate back and forth between client projects and working sessions, supercharging your agility without stressing you out.


Integrate into your daily operations quickly and painlessly

Teams can import creative, annotate mockups and screenshots, and import files, all to the same canvas. Meeting and working session are saved automatically as you work, so you can pick up where you left off and share across the team.


Remove the barriers in the creative process


Built for in-person and remote participants to be able to engage and interact in all phases of a project.


Make the revision process painless with live, interactive sessions your clients can participate in, from anywhere.

Infinite Possibilities

An infinite canvas, robust tool integration capabilities, and a diverse app ecosystem allows creative sessions to flow.

Unlock Full Teaching Potential with Vibe
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Explore Vibe’s business impact in a 5-min demo
Explore Vibe in a 5-min demo

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Connect with

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  • Connecting remotely

    Just getting used to remote work? See how Vibe can help you connect remotely.
  • How to present PowerPoint

    How to do a PowerPoint presentation with Vibe? Here we provide three options.
  • Screenshot and Annotation

    With Vibe, you can annotate on the screen dynamically during your meeting.
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