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Vibe S1

Q: What’s the difference between Vibe 55″, Vibe Pro 75″, and the new Vibe S1?

Vibe S1 is an all-in-one huddle room solution with a Smart whiteboard, SmartCam (optional) and collaboration apps. It’s our best product suite yet and runs on the powerful Intel i5 processor and Chromium OS. We recommend the Vibe S1 bundle for a complete meeting room solution.

The Vibe Pro 75″ runs on Chromium OS and boasts a larger display with more interactive touchpoints, perfect for bigger conference rooms.

The original Vibe 55″ runs on Android and is a fantastic interactive whiteboard for any huddle room, classroom, or home office.

Check out the detailed comparisons here .

Q: I’m already a Vibe customer. Do you have a trade-in plan for the new Vibe Board S1?

Thank you so much for your early support! We don’t have a trade-in program due to increasing shipping costs. However, all current Vibe customers can enjoy an exclusive 15% discount on the Vibe S1 Board or S1 bundle. You can apply the code “S1VIP15” during checkout.

Q: I don’t have enough space at my place to accommodate multiple Vibe boards. What should I do with my current Vibe Board if I want to get an S1?

Many schools, universities, non-profits, and charities love Vibe. One suggestion is to donate your old Vibe or share it with someone in need. Thank you for spreading the Vibe love!


Q: Is Canvas free with Vibe S1?

Canvas has three plans: Free, Pro, and Team. All three plans are free until the end of 2022. Most features you enjoy today are still available in the Free plan; those who want more advanced collaboration tools, customization, or control can upgrade to Pro and Team Plans in 2023.

Note: Features tagged with Beta will most likely be under a paid plan.

Q: Do I have to pay in 2023?

Beginning January 1, 2023, you can upgrade to the Pro or Team plans for more advanced collaboration features and customization, or stay and enjoy all the features in the Free plan at no cost.

Q: Do I get to keep all my current features?

Your Canvas will be free and unchanged until the end of the year. Starting January 1, 2023, you’ll be automatically migrated to the Free plan, and the following changes can be expected:

  • 200M cloud storage
    We’ll introduce a limit of 200M cloud storage. This limit does not apply to your existing Canvas files, and no existing Canvas viewers or collaborators will be deleted, moved, or impacted.

  • Export PDF with watermark
    When you export Canvas to PDF, a Vibe logo watermark will be added.

  • Custom templates
    You can no longer create custom templates, but your existing custom templates will be retained and can still be used.

To access these features, you can upgrade to the Pro plan starting January 1, 2023.

Q: Will I still get feature updates in the Free Plan?

Yes! We will be constantly updating features in all Canvas plans to enhance creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

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