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Vibe offers collaboration software that you can use on your computer or tablet, as well as an interactive digital whiteboard that you can use in person. Keep your team moving forward.

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Create on the same canvas as your remote team, in real time
Share screens from your computer, phone, or tablet
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Visual communication improves creative processes, from brainstorming sessions to stand up meetings to making final reviews. Customers around the globe use Vibe software to intuitively collaborate together in real time from their choice of device.

Level up collaboration with the Vibe Board

With incredible responsiveness and a 4K 55” screen, the Vibe Board takes the ease of traditional whiteboards and updates with features essential to modern business. Create, sketch, annotate, and present with the Vibe Board to activate meetings and increase collaboration.
Vibe’s collaboration factor has been huge. When juggling multiple clients, it’s incredibly helpful to have everything saved in one place so you can easily pick up where you left off. As a UX designer, I like how easy Vibe is to pick up a stylus and sketch on. And for big projects we can even have several people working on a single canvas at once - even from remote locations.

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Empowered decision making with remote teams
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How to manage a remote team
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