Vibe Buyer FAQs


Q: How can remote students see their teachers' drawings on a Vibe Board?

There are a few ways to share the view of your Vibe Board remotely:

  • From the Vibe Board, join or host your video call (via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.), then share your screen. Students will be able to see any content you share on the Vibe Board.

  • Share a link (edit or view only) of your Vibe Canvas with your students so they can view content and interact with you on the whiteboard in real-time.

    Note: with this option, students will only be able to view content specifically in the Vibe Board app. Content shared from screencast or 3rd party apps will not be visible

  • If connecting in real-time isn’t an option, teachers can export their Vibe Board as a PDF and share the file with students after the class.

Q: Can students interact with the whiteboard in real-time, even if they don’t have a Vibe Board

Yes! Vibe is a cloud-based software that is accessible on any web browser or tablet. Vibe also has an app for iPad .

Sharing a board is easy with Vibe Canvas. Just send the link to your canvas via email or copy and paste it in a video conference chat to collaborate with others. Students can interact with you on the canvas in real-time once they have the link for access.

Q: How can I record the screen of the whiteboard?

There are a few ways to record your screen on Vibe:

  • Use Vibe’s OS-based tool, Screen Capture. This tool allows you to take screenshots or screen recordings of your whiteboard. To access Screen Capture, simply click on the Vibe menu and select “Screen Capture.” From there, you can choose to take a screenshot or start a screen recording.
  • Use a third-party app like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or XRecorder. These apps allow you to record your screen and can be used in conjunction with Vibe to capture your whiteboard.

Q: Can I open a web browser on my Vibe Board and import pictures from a website?

Yes! Open a web browser app (such as Chrome or Opera) and take a screenshot of the pictures you want. Then, select which board to save your images to.

You can also do this in split-screen mode. This makes it easier to see which pictures you’ve already imported.

Q: Can I import images, PowerPoint, and PDF files into the whiteboard?

Yes! Vibe supports all of these formats, depending on which cloud storage option you’re using.

Read more: Learn which file formats are supported .

Q: Is the Vibe board easy to use? Do you offer training?

We designed Vibe to be an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that everyone can use right away on their next project. Think of Vibe as an oversized digital tablet, offering a familiar and comfortable experience for users of all levels.

Vibe doesn’t require extra computers, projectors, or calibration. Not only is it easy to learn, it’s fun to use! We provide complimentary onboarding training sessions to get you started, and you can always check out what’s new on our video tutorials or on our knowledge base .


Q: What operating system does Vibe run on?

Vibe S1 runs on VibeOS, an operating system based on Chromium OS. Android apps can also run on Vibe. Learn more .

Q: Which apps work on Vibe?

You can download apps from the Google Play store and Vibe Store, and run Web Chrome extensions. The Vibe Store contains 100+ fully vetted apps, such as Figma, Miro, Asana, Netflix, Slack, Teams, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, BlueJeans, and more. You can download with a single click and run your favorite apps flawlessly. See all supported apps here . No special licensing is required beyond what you’re currently using to access your accounts.

Q: Can multiple people collaborate on Vibe at the same time? What is the limit?

Vibe Board allows up to 4 collaborators to use the board at the same time, with 20 simultaneous touch points. Additionally, you can share and collaborate on the same board with Canvas, our cloud-based whiteboard app that has no limit on the number of participants in a single session. You can join a Canvas session from Vibe Boards, computer browsers, or tablets.

Q: Does Vibe Canvas automatically save information in real-time, or do I need to save my work manually?

Vibe Canvas is cloud-based collaboration software. If you’re logged in to Vibe Canvas, any canvas you’re working on will automatically be saved to the cloud.

Q: Does Vibe support Single Sign On (SSO)?

Yes, Vibe supports two popular forms of SSO: OAuth SSO and SAML. Vibe supports OAuth sign-in from trusted identity providers like Google, Microsoft, and Slack. Additionally, Vibe supports SAML-based SSO from Azure, Okta, and more for access control and user account management.

Q: How is data stored in Vibe S1?

The content on the Vibe Board is stored in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), which provides reliable, secure, efficient, and scalable storage. The data is further encrypted using AES-256, one of the strongest encryption methods.

Q: Is the Vibe Board Apple supported?

The Vibe Board, which runs on ChromeOS, supports multiple 3rd party apps. You can screencast your iPhone, iPad, and Mac through Airplay or use a Type-C cable.

Q: Do I need to download new apps or make changes to my workflow to integrate with your system?

There’s no need to change your workflow with Vibe! The Vibe Board streamlines your workflow with multiple cloud drive options and all your favorite apps, such as Dropbox, Google Classroom, Google Suite, Slack, Miro, Microsoft Teams, and Figma. You can download these apps from the Vibe Store, Chrome Web Store, or Google Play!

Q: Can you print from the Vibe S1 55″?

Yes, you can connect your printer to the Vibe Board via USB or LAN and print directly from it.

Q: Can people connect to the board from different locations?

Absolutely! With our cloud-based whiteboard software, Vibe Canvas, you can collaborate on a computer, iPad, or phone from anywhere in the world. You can jot down an idea on your iPad, build on it with colleagues in the office, and share it for review with stakeholders remotely. The number of people who can join a video conference depends on the software you use.

Q: What education-related apps do you support?

Many popular educational apps are supported on Vibe, including Canvas, Google Classroom, Blackboard, and Flipgrid. We’re constantly updating our integration offerings, so be sure to check out our full list of supported apps (and feel free to send us suggestions).

Pro Tip: Feeling tech-savvy? You can also enable the Google Play Store on your Vibe Board to try out additional third-party apps.


Q: What wireless casting options does Vibe support?

Vibe S1 supports screencasting from a variety of devices. Here are the options: Cable connection: Cast from Windows, Apple, or Android devices to the Vibe Board with HDMI-in or USB-C port at resolutions up to 4K. Wireless connection:

  • Cast from Apple devices through airplay or at resolutions up to 1080P.
  • Cast from Windows devices through
  • Use our new display adapter - Vibe Tap for 4K instant screen sharing

Q: Can I draw over the wireless screencast or the HDMI-connected display?

Yes, you can draw over the wireless screencast and HDMI display content connected via the Number 4 USB-C port. Use our annotation feature to mark up videos, website pages, and presentations. You can also take screenshots or screen recordings and save them on your Vibe

Q: Does Vibe Board require a projector?

A projector is not needed for the board. However, if you want to mirror your Vibe Board to a larger device or screen (e.g., for an auditorium or large conference room setting), Vibe Boards can be connected to larger monitors and projectors via the HDMI Out port.

Q: Can I control my computer from the Vibe screen when casting?

Yes. Vibe supports touchback when casting from your device using cables. This means you can control your computer through touch interactions on the Vibe Board, creating a more engaging and interactive experience. More information can be found here .

Purchasing and Ordering

Q: How much is the Vibe S1 55″? What’s in the box?

The Vibe S1 55″ costs $3,199 and includes free shipping within the U.S. When you purchase a Vibe S1 55″, your package will include the Vibe Board S1 55″, a touch stylus, a power cord, a user manual, and a quick start guide.

Q: How can I purchase a Vibe Board?

U.S. customers can purchase Vibe Boards, as well as optional Vibe SmartCam C1 and stands, on our website .

Q: Can I talk to someone at Vibe if I still have questions?

Absolutely! If you have questions or would like to discuss your particular use case, you can schedule one-on-one time with one of our product experts. Please contact to connect with our team.

Q: Do you offer bulk order pricing?

Yes, we provide volume discounts for large orders. If you’re considering purchasing 3 or more boards, please contact us at for a quote.

Q: Does Vibe offer financing?

Vibe has partnered with Affirm, a third-party party option that allows customers to purchase Vibe today and split payments into monthly installments for up to 36 months. See if you’re eligible for Affirm on the order page .

Q: Does Vibe come with a warranty?

We offer a free one-year warranty. There are also 1-3 year extended and accident protection warranties available from Extend.

Q: What is your return policy?

If you’re not satisfied with Vibe, you can return the device within 30 days of your delivery date. You will only need to cover the return delivery fee.

Q: Can I get an official quote for the Vibe Board?

To receive a personalized quote, please complete our Quote Request form. We’ll need information on the product(s) you’re interested in, as well as your shipping and billing address, contact name, phone number, and email address for delivery purposes. If you plan on using a purchase order, please let us know and we can provide our W9 and payment instructions to streamline the process.

Q: How do we qualify for tax-exempt status?

There is no additional tax with purchase except for the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington.

Q: Is installation included?

No, installation isn’t included or provided by Vibe. We have several certified Vibe reseller partners that can provide quality installation and technical support. Please contact if you need more information.

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