How to Use Digital White Board

Learning to use a Vibe digital white board is more simple than you think - we designed our board with ease in mind, and technology that you’re already used to.

Think of the digital white board as a large iPad; easy, touchscreen intuition to all of your teams’ activities provides a level of familiarity that most are comfortable with right away. No mouse or keyboard are needed, and Vibe’s portable stand makes it easy to use in any room. Whether you want to put Vibe on a stand, or mount it on a wall, installation takes minutes.

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Vibe’s collaboration software makes it a cinch to share ideas, build projects, host brainstorms, conduct training sessions, or present in client meetings. None of your participants are required to have their own board - you can even invite remote participants to join your board sessions.

Vibe allows you to collaborate further by allowing you to import PDFs, documents, screenshots, and images into the board’s canvas and use whiteboarding features on top of your documents—dynamically editing or annotating in real time during your meeting. Afterwards, easily export your board to PDF so your team has an action plan and digital record.

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