The group brainstorming process doesn’t have to
be a mess

Vibe interactive whiteboard removes the clunky, inefficient roadblocks of typical brainstorming sessions, making them seamless and actionable.

We love using the Vibe board for meetings and brainstorming sessions. It has enhanced productivity, creativity and communication amongst our team.

Peter T. Maloof

Vice President at Capgemini America

Brainstorm and capture ideas in one space

Vibe interactive whiteboard enables ideas to flow, and fuels efficient execution by allowing your team to interactively brainstorm and capture ideas in one space. When the meeting ends, the entire session can be sent to all participants, and you can even return to the canvas to continue collaborating with your team until you’ve found the perfect idea.


Remove barriers with an Infinite Canvas

Remove needless barriers to your brainstorming sessions with an infinite, collaborative canvas, available to all participants. You can even customize your workspace by integrating your favorite tools and apps.


Unlock your full creative potential

Bring teams closer

Have an in-office experience by collaborating with employees and clients anywhere, in real-time.

Create together

Interactively sketch, design, and conceptualize on an infinite canvas.


Seamlessly switch between any of your working sessions.

Unlock your full creative potential


The Vibe demo video

Our demo video will give you a general overview of Vibe’s features and capabilities, as well as a demonstration of the key features that will help support your business goals.

Want to see a live demo? Contact us.

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  • Team Brainstorming

    Watch our team run a brainstorming session on a Vibe smart board, also using the Vibe web application on computers.
  • PDF export

    See how you can export your Vibe board as a PDF file back to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box!
  • Screenshot and Annotation

    With Vibe, you can annotate on the screen dynamically during your meeting.

Experience Vibe for yourself

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