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The new “home room” is ready for your family

Simplify distance learning with Vibe’s integrated video conferencing and classroom apps.

We do integrated studies with Vibe. We’ll pull up a YouTube video, and I’ll split-screen a whiteboard. We stop the video and take notes on the whiteboard so that we’re retaining and reviewing as we’re going.

Robyn C.

Mother of 4 and Homeschool Expert

Distance learning that actually works

The power of whiteboarding together, from anywhere in the world. Students can stay engaged, collaborate with each other, and experience both live and asynchronous sessions.

distant learning with smart board

As easy to use as an iPad

Vibe allows you to import documents, create and reuse templates, apply virtual sticky notes, and enables you to configure its features and apps.

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Screentime you’ll want


The most cost-effective interactive whiteboard on the market.


Use it for distance learning, home schooling, and family entertainment.

Create together

Interactively sketch, design, and conceptualize on an infinite canvas.

Screentime you’ll want

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See Vibe in action without having to talk with sales
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  • Zoom Overview

    Join a Zoom video call through Vibe and share the whiteboard screen in real time for better collaboration.
  • AI Text Corrector

    Bad handwriting? No worries! We’re here to help you.
  • Screenshot and Annotation

    With Vibe, you can annotate on the screen dynamically during your meeting.