training with smart digital whiteboard
training with smart digital whiteboard

Impress your clients while keeping your crew happy

Vibe interactive whiteboard simply and seamlessly integrates with your current tools and devices, to wow your clients without bogging down your staff.

I’ve always been a big whiteboard user, but it can be a pain to share out a detailed plan you just worked on. You have to take a picture or assign someone to write something up. With Vibe, I can now just hit “send” after a meeting and share that board with whoever I want.

Rob Karlinsey

City Manager at City of Kenmore, Washington

Say goodbye to extra tools by using one that outperforms them all

The versatility of the Vibe interactive whiteboard allows you to have your sessions on-site and off-site; review live updates and changes with clients, contractors and crews, using the software you need.


Integrate into your daily operations quickly and painlessly

Vibe’s fast and easy setup, and intuitive interface will allow you and your team to hit the ground running by integrating the software and tools they’re already familiar with.


Built for the adaptability your job requires


Built for in-person and remote participants to be able to engage and interact in all phases of a project.


Revisit your working sessions from your computer or iPad, from any location with WiFi.


Vibe enables you to reduce the number of tools you have to use with it’s expansive suite of features, and giant ecosystem of apps.

Built for the adaptability your job requires


Product Overview of Vibe Smartboard 55″

Join us and see how Vibe elevates your business and team collaboration.
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  • PDF Import

    Let’s walk through how to import a PDF from Google Drive into Vibe’s interactive digital whiteboard.
  • How to present PowerPoint

    How to do a PowerPoint presentation with Vibe? Here we provide three options.
  • Connecting remotely

    Just getting used to remote work? See how Vibe can help you connect remotely.

Experience Vibe for yourself

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