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Built strong enough for work, with the power to transform your entertainment

Vibe interactive whiteboard lets you play, watch, game and connect on a 4k touchscreen display.

Ordered one for a play toy, then saw that it was so useful we proceeded to toss out all our whiteboards and replace them with Vibe’s.

Henry Sal, Jr.

President of Computing System Innovations

Play, Watch, Interact

Vibe interactive whiteboard’s versatility allows you to work and play, create and explore. Browse the Internet, stream video, and video chat—all from a 55" touchscreen.

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Customize, Connect, Enjoy

Vibe integrates dozens of the most popular multi‑media apps, to turn your recreation time into a dynamic, on‑demand, digital interactive experience—customized to your personal preferences.

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Built to help work, Designed to help play

Bring teams closer

Have an in-office experience by collaborating with employees and clients anywhere, in real-time.

Fun together

Families can sketch, draw, and play together on an infinite canvas. Kids love Vibe!


Use your favorite streaming apps like Youtube and Netflix, or games from Google Play to get a big screen experience.

Built to help work, Designed to help play

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  • Using HDMI

    Using HDMI to connect your computer with Vibe to enlarge your screen. In addition, you can do annotation on the video screen.
  • Using 3rd Party Apps

    Get an overview of how to use third party apps on Vibe.
  • Custom Screensaver

    Learn how to add custom screensaver to your Vibe board.

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