Remote collaboration beats in‑person meetings

Vibe interactive whiteboard allows all employees, from anywhere,
to be an interactive part of your meeting, working session,
or brainstorm—in real-time.

Using our team’s Vibe to brainstorm is one of the highlights of my work day; it brings group collaboration to a whole new level. Vibe allows our teammates who work remotely to join us virtually on “the big screen”, be immersed in our discussion, and contribute in a more interactive way than ever before.

Taylor Harrington

Director of Digital Marketing, Akimbo

Working Remotely Works

Now you can collaborate with your remote team, on a shared project.

Vibe allows your team to capture ideas, annotate, organize, and create, then distribute the entire session with the push of a button.


Built for Collaboration

Vibe interactive whiteboard sessions allow you to invite participants from anywhere in the world allowing them to comment, share files, make notes, conceptualize, and design. When the meeting is over, export your board and send to participants, or simply save for later review.


Collaborate effectively, from anywhere

Bring Teams Closer

Have an in-office experience by collaborating with employees and clients anywhere, in real-time.

Never Miss a Beat

Move seamlessly between working sessions, revisit meetings, and pick up exactly where you left off.

Hit the Ground Running

Vibe interactive whiteboard is parallel to none in its ease-of-use; the intuitive interface, and ability to integrate some of your favorite tools, will have you feeling like a pro in no time.

Collaborate effectively, from anywhere


The Vibe demo video

Our demo video will give you a general overview of Vibe’s features and capabilities, as well as a demonstration of the key features that will help support your goals.

Want to see a live demo? Contact us.

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  • Connecting remotely

    Just getting used to remote work? See how Vibe can help you connect remotely.
  • Using Vibe on other devices

    Don’t limit yourself to a single screen. Access your canvas through the Vibe Board, through your Mac or PC, or tablet.
  • Zoom Overview

    Join a Zoom video call through Vibe and share the whiteboard screen in real time for better collaboration.

Experience Vibe for yourself

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