training with smart digital whiteboard
training with smart digital whiteboard

Your Training is Only as Effective as Participant Engagement

Vibe interactive whiteboard allows you to be more than a talking head - it provides real-time collaboration to keep participants active and engaged.

We selected Vibe for use in our public training center with individuals, small companies and corporate clients. Vibe is “Best of Breed” in the real-time digital whiteboard market space!

Robert Howard

President of Sandler Training, Greater Tampa, FL

Keep their attention with training that is interactive.

Use Vibe to make notes, jot down questions, and mark up images - all in real-time.

Because participants can share files with you directly, easily incorporate activities that facilitate knowledge retention, and make training sessions engaging.

vibe smart board for training

Customize with easy integration

Easily integrate your existing training templates and tools into your Vibe interactive whiteboard sessions, and bring your sessions to life with multi-media aides, participant collaboration, and the ability to save each session for later review.

using vibe board for training

Training they’ll want to attend

Bring teams closer

Have an in-office experience by collaborating with employees and clients anywhere, in real-time.

Create together

Interactively sketch, design, and conceptualize on an infinite canvas.


Integrate tools and app to offer an experience that’s individually tailored to each team.

Training they’ll want to attend

training SWOT on vibe smart whiteboard

Product Overview of Vibe Smartboard 55″

Join us and see how Vibe elevates your business and team collaboration.
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Can’t make a live webinar?
Book a time with our sales team to see a product overview.
vibe board for PDF import smart whiteboard for ppt smart interactive whiteboard for connecting remotely
  • PDF Import

    This video walks through how to import a PDF from Google Drive into Vibe’s interactive digital whiteboard. You can then annotate and save back to PDF.
  • How to present PowerPoint

    How to do a PowerPoint presentation with Vibe? Here we provide three options.
  • Connecting Remotely

    Just getting used to remote work? See how Vibe can help you connect remotely.

Experience Vibe for yourself

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