Working Remotely Due to Coronavirus?

Keep your Team Moving Forward
COVID-19 continues to spread, and increasingly, many companies are asking their employees to work remotely whenever possible. It may not be business as usual, but doesn’t mean that collaboration has to stop. Switching from a traditional office to remote work can feel intimidating, but using the right tools makes it easy.

How remote teams do more with Vibe

Create on the same canvas as your remote team, in real time
Share screens from your computer, phone, or tablet
Join a video call with whiteboard for annotation
Sharing has never been easier with cloud collaboration
Vibe’s collaboration factor has been huge. As a UX designer, I like how easy Vibe is to pick up a stylus and sketch on. And for big projects we can even have several people working on a single canvas at once—even from remote locations.

Kate Womick

Product Manager at Azul Arc

Vibe was built by teams, for teams.

We’re here to help you address:

  • Tools you need to build a collaborative workspace
  • Different ways to brainstorm while apart
  • Best practices for remote work teams
  • Building trust with your remote team
  • Methods to make remote collaboration productive

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