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Vibe packs digital whiteboard technology, video conferencing, wireless screencasting, third-party app integrations, and more into a sleek package.


Q: How is the Vibe board powered?

Vibe is powered through a 6-foot detachable power cord that is included with your purchase.

We also provide EU, AU standard power cords to support customers. Important to note, Vibe does not have battery options. The range of Vibe’s power supply is AC100-240V - 50/60Hz.

For our 75’’ series Vibe board, we provide US/EU/UK standard power cords in the same package to support our international customers.

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Q: Does the board have a battery pack? Can it function without being plugged in?

We do not offer a battery option at this time. Vibe must be plugged into a power outlet in order for it to work.

Vibe Accessories FAQs

Q: Are there any other accessories available with Vibe?

Yes. Vibe sells optional mobile stands and extra styluses. Vibe has 2 USB ports, HDMI in, HDMI out, and an audio port for users to add their own speakers, USB mice, wireless keyboards, and other accessories.

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Q: Do I need to purchase a stand or wall mount for my Vibe board?

Vibe offers beautifully designed custom mobile stands (in white or red) that are easy to install. Vibe mobile stands are sold separately from the Vibe board.

Vibe boards are also compatible with many other types of stands or wall mounts, depending on your needs or requirements.

All mounts and stands must be able to support at least 65 lbs and be compatible with a 200 x 200 VESA mount.

Below are some recommendations for 3rd-party stands and wall mounts:




Q: Which stylus should I use with Vibe?

All Vibe boards come with 2 magnetic styluses. Vibe works best with Vibe styluses, which are specifically designed to work with the Vibe board.


Q: Which apps integrate with Vibe?

Vibe has its own app store with a number of 3rd party Android applications available for you to download onto your device.

Vibe runs the mobile Android versions of these 3rd party applications. Some 3rd party mobile applications may not include identical functionality to the desktop versions. There is no special licensing required beyond what you’re currently using to access your account.

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Q: Does Vibe have a subscription fee?

At this point in time, Vibe’s software is included free of charge with your hardware purchase. You can access your Vibe account from a Vibe board, computer browser, tablet or mobile phone (view only).

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Q: Does Vibe support Single Sign On (SSO)?

Yes, Vibe supports two popular forms of SSO: OAuth SSO and SAML based.

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Purchasing and Ordering

Q: How much is Vibe? What’s in the box?

The tax-excluded price for our Vibe board is €2,550 and our Vibe portable stand is €425. The shipping costs and L/T depend on where you are located. Due to the EU’s new tax policy, our EU branch only deals with business entities with a valid VAT number.

Therefore, after Brexit, we need our UK customers to provide valid EORI and VAT numbers to fulfill orders.

Regarding all individual customers, please visit our EU and UK Amazon stores for purchasing.

Q: How can I purchase Vibe?

Vibe’s global business now covers these 6 areas: Europe / United Kingdom / Japan / Australia / New Zealand / Singapore. International customers from the above regions can purchase Vibe boards (and optional Vibe stands) from our global sales website or via Amazon.

Q: Does Vibe offer discounts?

We typically only offer additional discounts based on volume (3 or more units). Please fill out this Quote Request form or contact sales@vibe.us if you are considering purchasing more than 3 boards and would like to get a quote.

Q: Does Vibe come with a warranty?

Vibe offers a standard 1-year warranty and this is supported internationally. But Vibe does not provide an extended warranty for Non-US and Amazon customers.

Q: Does Vibe have a physical demo unit to try before purchasing?

We do not provide a test unit, but we have some demo videos you might find useful. Also, if you still have further questions, please book a 1:1 online demo with us.


Q: Does Vibe offer shipping to the EU?

Vibe regularly ships to all EU regions. Shipping time is approximately 5-7 business days to EU countries and 7-10 days to the UK.

Shipping costs will be dependent on which product(s) you order and your location. Please use our Request a Quote form to get the most updated information on shipping costs for your location.

You can also arrange your own shipping from your preferred carrier, with pick up from our warehouse in Hamburg, Germany.

Q: Does Vibe offer shipping outside of the U.S. and EU?

Yes, Vibe boards can be shipped to most countries. Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID, Vibe only supports shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore at the moment

Shipping costs will be dependent on which product(s) you order and your location. Please use our Request a Quote form to get the most updated information on shipping costs for your location.

You can also arrange your own shipping from your preferred carrier, with pick up from our warehouses in China or Australia.

Education FAQ

Q: Can I use Vibe for classroom or distance learning?

Technology in the classroom aids students in learning. Vibe interactive whiteboards can be used by teachers in the classroom to express ideas and content to students. Many educators, from preschool to university, use Vibe boards for distance, hybrid and in-person learning.

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