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Vibe S1 Step 1
Unbox Your Vibe Board S1 55″

* The Vibe SmartCam C1 is sent in a different package, please make sure you have received everything before you begin setting up your Vibe smart whiteboard.
Vibe S1 Step 3
Set Up Your Device

* If you’re setting up the Vibe board for the first time, please expect to wait 5-10 minutes for system update.
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Vibe S1 Step 4
Amplify your productivity with Vibe One

* Unlock secure device management, one-click meetings, seamless file share, and more.
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Vibe S1 Step 5
You Are All Set!
Easy-to-understand video tutorials
Learn from the comfort of your desk with video tutorials.

Vibe Board S1 55″

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Vibe Board 55″

Vibe Board 75″

Best practices for everyone
Vibe Academy
Presenting with Vibe
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Vibe Academy
Tips for Video Makers
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Vibe Academy
Tips for Real Estate Professionals
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Webinar replay
Vibe 101:
Getting started with Vibe Board 55″
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Vibe 101:
Getting started with Vibe Board Pro 75″
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