Benefits of Personal Digital Whiteboards for Home

Now, more than ever, we’re seeing an increase in electronic whiteboards for home, as personal use now collides with the expanding work-from-home climate. iPad meets home entertainment, to culminate in a device that easily transitions you from your work day to leisure time.


In addition to the expansive list of benefits the Vibe Interactive Whiteboard offers for work, such as document import and markup, template creation, live working session capabilities, and the ability to easily export whiteboard sessions for distribution, Vibe will transform your entertainment.

Vibe digital whiteboard allows you to browse the Internet, stream video, and video chat—all from a 55” touchscreen display. Vibe integrates dozens of the most popular multi‑media apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, customized to your personal preferences. Get the family together to sketch, draw, and play together, on an infinite canvas; it’s perfect for distance learning .

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