Remote Whiteboard Sharing for School Classes

Remote whiteboards are getting hastily snapped up by educators across the country, as schools face a school year teaching children from home. The school smart board prices are at the forefront of everyone’s minds as school budgets account for this new expense, and some teachers are reaching into their own pockets to cover the expense. It’s no wonder that these handy devices are catching the eye of those who are looking to simplify the distance learning experience, and find ways to keep their students engaged.


Here are some of the features and benefits of remote whiteboard sharing for your school classroom with Vibe:

  • Import documents (including images, PowerPoint, and PDF files), create and reuse templates, and apply virtual sticky notes.
  • Students can stay engaged, collaborate with each other, and experience both live and asynchronous sessions.
  • integrates with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and most educational apps on the market to help your online teaching engage interest and further learning.
  • Easily export any of your whiteboard sessions to make student study-time even more productive.

Vibe is the most cost-effective interactive whiteboard on the market, and the easiest to use. In fact, using Vibe is similar to using a giant tablet or iPad. No additional devices, such as extra computers or projectors are required; just turn it on, and get ready to transform your online classroom. Click here for more in-depth FAQs for teachers and educators.

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