Coaching with the Vibe Board

Coaching with the Vibe Board


Facilitating a successful week of practices requires a lot of up-front planning and communication. Coaches have to meet and create a practice plan, review the previous game, and scout the upcoming opponent amongst other tasks.

A lot of this planning can get caught in the crosshairs of disorganization. Coaches often don’t have a central platform that encompasses film breakdown, game planning, and communication capabilities.

Vibe wraps all these components up in one. Most third party apps are available on the Vibe Board through Google Play , so you don’t have to sacrifice your go-to apps for the sake of software compatibility. It also has its own whiteboard feature to take notes, annotate, and draw up plays. Adapting to new technology will help smooth over the stress of planning and running practice.

What you need to know before buying a smartboard

Analyze game film with your team

Breaking down film is an essential part of a team’s success. Whether it’s reviewing your previous game or looking ahead to next week by scouting your opponent, film can help you devise a game plan to smooth out your own weaknesses while capitalizing on your opponent’s.

With Vibe, there are several options for watching film. The first being that you can simply pull up YouTube videos and annotate directly over the video as you go. Another option is downloading apps like Coach’s Eye where you can import or upload film and then slow it down frame-by-frame. Whatever platform you prefer to use, Vibe lets you draw directly over the app to highlight specific parts of every play.

Annotate over film on the Vibe Board. Annotate over film on the Vibe Board.

Create plays on custom templates

Another key to a strong game plan is creating plays. Most coaches use whiteboards to quickly draw out plays and explain them to the team. The disadvantage of using a traditional whiteboard is that you can’t save the plays as you go. Every time you have to erase and draw a new one.

The Vibe Board allows you to create templates that replicate the field or court you’re playing on. You can then draw a play, save it to the board, and create another one right next to it. This way you can have multiple plays drawn up at once for players to reference.

Players can also access the canvas remotely on their personal devices so that they can review saved plays at their leisure.

Basketball court template on Vibe. Basketball court template on Vibe.

Plan, communicate, and share

Creating a practice plan for the coming week is crucial because it provides organization and structure. It allows coaches to plan out time for exercises like film study, drills, and walkthroughs for the team.

Practice plans require collaboration with assistant coaches and position coaches. Vibe allows you to share your board with other coaches so that you can work together in real time. You can also use apps like Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams to be in constant communication and facilitate video conferencing with the coaches and team.

Running a successful week of practices takes a lot more work than expected. Coaches have to seamlessly communicate their needs and work together to create a plan going forward that enables the team to improve and work together. They are tasked with film breakdown, creating drills, and game planning. These tasks often suffer from breakdowns in communication and lack of organization.

New technology like Vibe can help smooth out this process. It centralizes all aspects of coaching through its own whiteboard software as well as integrating third party apps. Technology like Vibe gives coaches the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.

Want to see it in action? Check out how tennis coach Ian Westermann uses his Vibe digital whiteboard to train his athletes.

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