Are Smart Whiteboards Worth It?

Are Smart Whiteboards Worth It?


It can be challenging to win the hearts of children in today’s fast-paced and technologically-driven environment. Holding their focus through the entire presentation is an even greater challenge. But nowadays, amazing things are happening as a result of educators incorporating technology into their lessons—but many teachers have one question in mind: are smart whiteboards worth it?

In many modern lecture halls and meetings , a smart whiteboard has replaced the ceiling projector. Using smart whiteboard equipment in the classroom can improve your session by transforming a mundane lesson into a more engaging and enjoyable brainstorming experience for the students. Let’s explore the main benefits of using smart whiteboard technology in the classroom below.

How Smart Whiteboards Improve Students’ Learning Experiences


Smart whiteboards are currently being implemented in classrooms across the world, because this incredible piece of technology not only improves how teachers instruct their students but also improves how students learn and retain knowledge. Presenting diverse graphics, images, and videos throughout class can give students a more engaging and enhanced learning opportunity.

Due to this, instructors can cater to students with a wide range of learning styles , which significantly simplifies the process of differentiated learning. Visual learners can enjoy the large HD displays, while kinesthetic learners can better engage with lesson materials by tapping the board. With an easy touchscreen interface, educators can start a lesson with the tap of a finger. 

The potential for students to examine graphs, tables, videos, and other media directly on the enormous screen in front of them is another way in which technology improves the quality of the educational experience for pupils. Because of this, not only is it simple for educators to use whatever learning style is best for their students, but lessons can stay straightforward for the pupils. 

So, why are smart whiteboards worth it? Smart whiteboards bring education to life and accommodate all sorts of learning styles—as a result, many people find that they like learning more than ever before when using a smart whiteboard.

Why Educators Use Smart Whiteboards


With smart whiteboards, teachers can transform traditional teachings into engaging activities for their students. Let’s see how.

Improved Instruction

As we’ve covered, smart whiteboards enable all different styles and approaches to learning, so every student can learn in whatever environment suits them best. Even better, smart whiteboards can combine these various instruction methods into a single environment. Students are able to acquire knowledge via watching, listening, and even by direct interaction with the board. Even better, educators can easily pull up programs like Microsoft Word, Zoom, and PowerPoint on the big screen. This provides educators with fresh and creative approaches to teaching content that has always been covered. Students can study more effectively and recall more as a result of this.


Smart whiteboards are easy to use and need almost no upkeep. In fact, to set up a Vibe Board , all you need to do is plug it in! There’s no need for chalk, markers, or erasers. Instead, educators and students can use a stylus to underline, sketch and write on the board in real-time. Because of this, there’s no mess. It’s as simple as that.

Flexible in the Classroom

When it comes to learning through play, are smart whiteboards worth it? Yes! Whether it’s indoor recess or an in-class activity, game time can be a fantastic opportunity for children to learn in more creative ways. While there are thousands of interactive whiteboard games available, sometimes the best options are also classics ( here are 6 free games you can play that elementary students love ). Kids can stay motivated and engaged with an entertaining and educational tool at the center of their classroom. 


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The Future of Learning

Internet Access

Because smart whiteboards are linked to the internet, you can access many online materials and tools. For example, the Vibe Board has a cloud-based whiteboard app, Canvas , where educators can create lesson plans, brainstorm with students, or take class notes. THe notes are automatically saved to the cloud, so they can be shared with students or pulled back up during a later class session. Similarly, instructors can pull in resources from the web, like YouTube videos, Google Earth, or other teaching materials or entertainment that can supplement and improve their courses. With easy online access, students also have access to a wealth of resources for conducting research, working on projects, and enhancing their education.

Easy to Use

Student engagement is closely tied to how well they retain what information was covered in a given lesson. With a smart whiteboard encouraging higher levels of engagement in every class, students are paying closer attention when they’re in school. Students improve their knowledge and their ability to retain it. 

Not only are smart whiteboards easy to use, but they’re also easy to budget. The cost of a smart whiteboard is far less than the cost of maintaining TVs, projectors, whiteboards, and other classroom tech. Instead of working across multiple devices, you have all you need in a single all-in-one teaching tool. 

The Green Solution

This is your opportunity to “go green.” A smart whiteboard keeps things digital, reducing the need for paper. A paper-free classroom means greatly reducing the amount of paper and ink waste thrown away every year.

So, Are Smart Whiteboards Worth it?


Teaching is one of the most challenging jobs—but has one of the highest payoffs. Having the appropriate equipment in one’s toolkit is always the most crucial factor, but this is especially true in the classroom.

With a smart whiteboard, students have infinite opportunities to participate actively in their classes. Students who struggle academically can see progress if their learning style is accommodated for and if class notes are easy to follow. For any student having trouble in class, they can easily return to lesson notes after class and study at their own pace.

Smart whiteboards make educators and students a cohesive and cooperative unit, working together to achieve their shared goals. This sense of teamwork encourages student participation and makes it simpler for the instructor to pinpoint the areas in which each student needs improvement. It’s simple: smart whiteboards help teachers better support their students.

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Are smart whiteboards useful?

Smart whiteboards are helpful tools that enhance the overall quality of the educational experience while also making the lives of teachers easier. They make it possible for students and teachers to learn together, get the most out of internet resources and educational apps, share documents, and collaborate on projects.

Are smart whiteboards good for the classroom?

Absolutely. Smart whiteboards allow students of all ages to better engage with the content that they’re studying. With the ability to touch, write, and draw on the board, students are eager to participate and become a more active part of the learning process.

Are smart whiteboards obsolete?

Smart whiteboards are still used in all kinds of classrooms, from preschool to higher ed. Smart whiteboards are excellent presentation and teaching tools, making them a standard in a wide variety of educational environments.

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