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How Vibe Boosted Hybrid Collaboration

at Earth Rated

How Vibe Boosted

Hybrid Collaboration

at Earth Rated

Conference rooms and huddle spaces using Vibe
Team members use Vibe to achieve better collaboration
Of meetings run on Vibe for a hybrid workflow
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Now our team is growing and using Vibe every day, we keep the same feeling of face-to-face communication, even when we’re not all in the office.
Emmanuelle Marineau

Digital Transformation Manager

at Earth Rated

Find an all-in-one collaboration tool to replace outdated office set-ups
Build new conference rooms with cost-effective solutions
Streamline communication & connect hybrid teams
Why Chose Vibe
All-in-One Meeting Room Solution
Affordable to place in each conference room & open space
Direct and personal guidance along the purchasing journey and beyond
Use Cases
Hybrid meetings
Brainstorming & idea pitching
Split-screen presentations
Display company branding images
Play games during breaks

Meet Earth Rated

Earth Rated makes dog poop bags and other dog products that make cleaning up after your dog simpler and easier. While building a new office in Montreal, they thought about the requirements that a permanently hybrid team would have, and decided that their previous conference room set-ups weren’t cutting it.

How Earth Rated chose Vibe

After looking into other smart whiteboard solutions, the affordability of the Vibe Board played a big role in their decision, enabling them to place a Vibe Board in each conference room, huddle area, and their kitchen. The leaders at Earth Rated also liked the fact that Vibe is a similarly small business and provided direct, personal care for them along their purchasing journey and beyond.

How Marineau uses the Vibe Board

With Vibe, Earth Rated’s meetings are a much more collaborative process. As Emmanuelle Marineau, Digital Transformation Manager at Earth Rated, puts it, “we keep the same feeling of face-to-face communication, even when we’re not all in the office.”

Connecting with Google Meet, the team uses Vibe to share screens and work in real-time on Vibe Canvas, so that remote colleagues can interact as if they’re in the room. Earth Rated also added a Vibe Pro 75″ their kitchen for company-wide meetings (and break time fun). By having a place where the entire company can meet and gather, they’re able to create a company culture that’s not always possible during the so-called “new normal” of work.

Favorite Features

One of Emmanuelle’s favorite features is Vibe Board’s multi-touchpoint whiteboarding. “If someone’s working remotely on a Google Meet, they can also have access to the whiteboard drawing board,” where they can comment on the canvas and easily share any notes. Gone are the days where you had to “take a picture of [the blackboard] and try to remember what was thought about during the meeting. It’s very very useful.”

Another favorite feature is Vibe’s split-screen function, where you can open two apps together and have them on the same screen. As one of Emmanuelle’s teammates said, with Vibe “you don’t need a computer to show something to someone. One second, you click screen-cast, boom, it’s on the big screen, everybody can follow”.

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Results using Vibe

The Vibe Board has quickly become an integral part of the collaboration and communication experience at Earth Rated, now being used in 100% of their meetings, whether the attendees are all in-office or spread across Canada and the US. Vibe has helped Earth Rated to break down the barrier between remote and in-office employees, and made working together simpler and more enjoyable than ever.

As Emmanuelle concluded:

It’s very intuitive, very easy to use. There’s little to no learning curve, and as the Digital Transformation Manager, Vibe helps my job to make sure of that.

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