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case study consultant

How Principal Consultant Mike McHargue Increased Revenue by 15% with Vibe

How Principal

Consultant Increased

Revenue by 15%

with Vibe

Of client meetings now conducted on Vibe
More client meetings per week with Vibe
Revenue increase YoY while using Vibe
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Vibe turned out to be a great solution for me and for my business. I can work with more teams in a given week, reaching twice as many clients.
Mike McHargue
Founder & Principal Consultant of M5 Partners
Connect with clients across the country
Deliver professional presentations
Cut down on travel time
Increase revenue
Why Chose Vibe
Look professional during virtual presentations
Boost interactivity & collaboration with clients
One device to replace all traditional meeting tools
Use Cases
Conduct virtual & in-person meetings
Host engaging group discussions
Share brainstorming notes with one tap

Meet McHargue and M5 Partners

M5 Partners is a team of professional consultants specializing and providing management support to help organizations be healthier, more productive, and more successful. Mike McHargue is the President and Founder of M5 Partners. He is a part of the global movement to bring organizational health into the workplace and has worked with hundreds of leadership teams across the globe.

How McHargue chose Vibe

When Mike McHargue first took his business virtual in early 2020, he wasn’t quite sure what would be the best way to present himself to virtual clients. He tried standing in front of a camera and using a traditional flip chart, but that didn’t give the professional look and feel he was hoping for. He needed something that not only looked sleek, but could help him to combine the various tools he was using to communicate with his clients. When Mike discovered the Vibe Board Pro 75″, he knew that it would be perfect for his needs.

How McHargue uses the Vibe Board

With Vibe, Mike has completely changed how he conducts his business. At the height of the pandemic, Mike used his Vibe Board to meet with his clients all across the country, host interactive whiteboarding sessions, and deliver engaging presentations.

Instead of driving to meet with clients or getting on a flight, Mike can achieve that feeling of face-to-face communication from the comfort of his own office with the Vibe Board. This has enabled Mike to hold twice as many meetings than he did before he started using Vibe. Not only has the volume of client sessions increased, but so has the quality of his sessions, enabling Mike to run a more effective business than ever before.


Favorite features

Whiteboarding plays a major role in Mike’s client meetings, and the interactivity that the Vibe Board enables between Mike and his clients has been a game changer. Not only can his virtual and in-person clients interact with the Board in real time, he can send all of their work and brainstorming out via email with just the tap of a button.


Results using Vibe

The Vibe Board Pro 75″ has become the center of Mike’s business, enabling him to meet more clients and have more productive meetings. That has led to a 15% year-over-year increase in revenue for Mike’s consulting business. As Mike puts it:

By having a virtual option I can be a lot more efficient in my business than I would be able to do otherwise. Vibe has turned out to be a great solution for me and my business.

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