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Whiteboarding Tool
Turn your sketch into an extraordinary blueprint
Start with initial drafts and evolve them over time. Experience the ease of traditional pen-and-paper brainstorming on a digital canvas.
Benefit from Vibe's limitless canvas that continuously backs up all interactions to the cloud.
Generate exact property blueprints from your initial designs. Utilize real-time Google Earth imports and live annotations to create dynamic estate plans.
Collaboration Tool
Streamline hybrid team communication
Use your favorite video conferencing apps to accelerate real-time discussions and construction operations.
Empower your hybrid team with real-time mark-ups across all project phases—from design to operations, access from a laptop, tablet, or mobile.
Integrate with popular construction and management software like AutoCAD, Jira, Sling, Tableau, and BlueBeam.
Documentation Tool
Embrace a Paperless Future and Minimize Costs
Document everything with Vibe Canvas, the cloud-based whiteboard app. Edit and collaborate from any device, anytime.
Eliminate the cost of endless printouts and cluttered sketches. Digitalize your notes and share updates easily through email, Slack, or Google Suite.
Safeguard data by providing IT teams with remote access via the Vibe admin console, allowing for customized permissions.
Presentation Tool
Impress Clients with Enhanced Engagement
Stand out with innovative client engagement, by effortlessly integrating HDMI, screencast, and digital whiteboard functionalities to capture ideas during presentations.
Captivate your clients with interactive presentations, enabling real-time annotations and comments, converting one-directional presentations into synergetic discussions.
Keep your clients in the loop from initial planning to project completion with collaborative updates and virtual meetings.
Awards and Reviews
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Alfonso Sintjago
The Vibe (S1 55 Inch) has been a great purchase allowing for group activities, brainstorming sessions, meetings. Its flexiblity allows it to be used in multiple scenarios. I wish there was an optional battery that could be attached to it so that it can be unplugged for a time, and also a tray to use a computer via USB with it, but its a great device. Its nice to be able to install pretty much any program.
Mike Taylor

Very useful tool. We use the Canvas app almost daily to sketch construction details, preliminary equipment layouts, hydraulics calculations.

Always on for Sales schedules, project schedules, code book references.

Joseph Donica
We were looking for a way to bring our Design team closer together while being remote. The ability to real time edit plans with any member of the team is stunning!
Jason Lamb

Verified Purchase


Best collaborating tool!

This has been the best tool we’ve purchased for team collaboration! We purchased a 55" and 75" VIBE Board over a year ago and we were so impressed with our productivity with the tool that we have since purchased 4 more 55" VIBE boards.

Our teams love using them to get the job done and it is not uncommon for multiple boards to be used simultaneously.

I personally lead a team of 9 people within our organization, 3 of whom are remote, and VIBE is amazing at collaborating even when everyone isn’t in the same room. We love our VIBE board!!

Bryan Austin Rowsey

Verified Purchase


So Versatile

The Vibe S1 does everything I hoped for in a smart whiteboard, and provided the greatest bang for my buck vs other models I’ve researched.

Verified Purchase


Highly recommend. Highly effective and easy to use.

We’ve been using the vibe board for 2.5 years now. It was a lifesaver as C19 unfolded and continues to be an incredible value add to the way we work at Inspired Companies. The vibe team has been incredibly supportive as we had feedback for improvements - and they made tech updates right away! Highly recommend.
Colin McGinnis

Much Needed Team Members

Vibe has been a great addition to our nonprofit’s office. Like many, the pandemic forced us to pivot quick and we’ve been nothing but pleased with Vibe. All our conferencing equipment is compatible, and our team loves the ability to collaborate. Vibe is constantly improving its software and I appreciate knowing they are putting so much work into the product. I do wish the interface functioned a bit more like a desktop than a mobile device for applications like Google Meet and Zoom, but that is just a learning curve for our team. Can’t recommend Vibe enough.
Teresa Maskery

I love that VIBE is committed to...

I love that VIBE is committed to continually improving. I purchased my 75" board 5 months ago. At the time I made a few software suggestions to improve the functionality to meet my personal business needs. To my amazement, this week they released an update that addressed all of my suggestions. The product is amazing and all of my interactions with the people who work there (over email, phone and zoom) have been pleasant and eager to help. Keep up the great work.
Candice Elliott

Best product, best customer service

Vibe customer service is the best! Besides having the best product on the market, their empathy and compassion and compassion for serving those with disabilities is unprecedented! They have been amazing supporting my daughter who is deaf and very low vision, this is the first screen she has taken an interest in, and the teacher is able to enlarge the screen so she can see the items! Thank you for all you do!
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Explore Vibe’s Impact in 80 seconds

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Connect with

our product experts

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Trusted by 33,000+ business leaders and beloved brands
Trusted by 33,000+ brands
Buyer’s FAQ
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What makes a Vibe Board superior to a TV or computer?

The Vibe Board is more than just a TV or computer. It combines the functionalities of a TV, computer, whiteboard, display, projector, and monitor into one sleek device. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of tech—ideal for any room at home, in the office, or at school.

With Vibe’s ChromeOS, you can use the apps that your team already knows and loves—and all popular video conferencing apps are supported.

The Vibe Board is designed to enhance your visual communication, client engagement, and team collaboration.

Can people connect to the board from different locations? What if they don’t have a Vibe Board?
Yes. Vibe Board allows you to collaborate seamlessly on a computer, iPad, or phone from anywhere in the world with our cloud-based whiteboard software, Vibe Canvas. From there, you could jot an idea down on the go on your iPad, build on it with colleagues in the office on the Board, and share it for review with stakeholders remotely.

Is Vibe Board S1 55″ compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace?
Yes! Vibe Board S1 55″ supports Microsoft 365 apps. You can directly access and edit Office files through the Chrome browser, or install the Microsoft Office Android Tablet Version on Vibe Board for more touchscreen capabilities. Microsoft Teams is also supported. Vibe Board also supports Google Workspace apps, so you can open, edit, and auto-save Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more. See all supported apps here. There is no special licensing required beyond what you’re currently using to access your accounts.

Is there built-in audio and microphone in Vibe S1?
Vibe Board S1 has two built-in speakers, but no built-in microphone. The (optional) Smart Camera was designed for Vibe S1, and comes equipped with 6 omni-directional microphones, as well as noise and echo cancellation. Vibe Boards are also compatible with most USB-connected cameras and microphones, such as Logitech BRIO, Owl Camera, Polycom Studio, and more.

Which cabled accessories does Vibe support?
Vibe Board S1 55″ has 3 USB-C ports and 1 HDMI-In to support additional cabled accessories.

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