How a Smart Whiteboard Can Help Make Your Presentations Interactive

How a Smart Whiteboard Can Help Make Your Presentations Interactive


Smart whiteboard presentations already show you’re a cut above the rest—but it’s time to take it a step further. It’s time to make your next presentation interactive. Why? It’s simple: the more interactive your presentation is, the more attention-grabbing it is. And today, getting your audience’s attention is the difference between a memorable meeting and one that gets forgotten as soon as it’s over.

When deciding what’s essential to delivering a successful presentation , it all comes down to one thing: audience engagement. While it may be compelling to add as many fancy slide animations as you can to keep your audience interested, the fact of the matter is that engagement isn’t about flair. It’s about getting your audience directly involved.

Here’s the thing: the more you interact directly with your audience, the more your audience can feel engaged with you and your presentation. The more engaged your audience is, the more effective and productive your presentations are. That’s because stronger audience engagement has a direct correlation with better retention and recall of the information presented.

So, how can you encourage direct interaction with your audience?

How Smart Whiteboards Can Help Make Your Presentations Interactive


With a smart whiteboard, making presentations more interactive is a no-brainer. Presenting with a smart whiteboard , like the Vibe Board , can instantly give your presentations that “wow” factor. With a massive touchscreen and cloud-based software, you can immediately transform your presentation from a one-way lecture to a dynamic, two-way conversation with your audience.

Vibe Boards Get You Thinking On Your Feet


Smart whiteboards are a fantastic way to make the most out of your physical meeting space. If you’re hosting an in-person or hybrid presentation, a smart whiteboard can keep things interactive in a few different ways.

Smart whiteboards boost interactivity in your presentation by getting everyone up and on their feet during your presentation. It’s hard to doze off in your chair if you’re busy moving around and writing on the board. During a presentation, have participants come up to the smart whiteboard and add their own notes, comments, or questions. The Vibe Board supports up to 20 touchpoints, which means you can have multiple participants write on the board at the same time.

Another way smart whiteboards can boost interactivity is through their mobility. Unlike the traditional whiteboard or projector screen, smart whiteboards are far easier to move around the room or office.

Presentation space matters. Many of your colleagues may feel too shy to speak up in a conference room, but are eager to join the conversation when you’re all sitting in your regular huddle room. With Vibe’s portable stand, you can wheel the board around and present in a space where your audience feels the most comfortable. Keep participation up by working with your participants!

Get Everyone on the Same Page


It’s easier for your audience to engage if everyone’s on the same page. With smart whiteboard tools, like Vibe’s Canvas app , you can import your entire slide deck onto a shareable, infinite canvas.

Not only can you mark-up each slide in real-time, but your audience can too. Canvas is accessible from any device, which means that you can share your board with your audience and have them add comments and questions to your slide deck before, during, and after your presentation—all from their own laptops, phones, or tablets. With Canvas, you can take meeting polls to the next level, providing instant feedback to your audience without interrupting the meeting or pulling in a confusing survey tool.

With an infinite canvas, you never have to worry about crowding the canvas or running out of space for everyone’s thoughts—which means your audience can keep interacting with your presentation head-on. You can also use Vibe’s laser pointer mode to emphasize important points or easily refer to an audience member’s written question on the smart whiteboard.

Want to keep a clear distinction between your notes and your audience’s? When an audience member wants to add a comment, have them add a Sticky Note to the canvas to differentiate it from your handwritten notes. Worried about messy handwriting? With Smart Text, Canvas turns any chicken scratch into standard font automatically.

Using Canvas is a great way to keep remote presentations interactive, as the real-time collaboration can make it feel just like you’re meeting together face-to-face. It also cuts down on distractions—while paper hand-outs are convenient, they give your audience something else to pay attention to other than the presentation itself. With everything centralized on the board, from slide decks to the meeting notes, everyone can stay engaged and focused on what you have to say.

Call in Back-Up


When it comes to today’s presentations, a common concern is having your remote audience members feel out of sync or disconnected. Promising interactivity when your audience isn’t in the same room as you can be difficult—but it’s definitely easier with a smart whiteboard.

With a Vibe Board, you can leverage a wide variety of third-party app integrations , including Zoom and Teams, to get your remote participants up on the big screen. Using split screen mode, you can keep your slide deck on one side of the screen and see your virtual participants on the other. This way, you can get a better sense of how your audience is responding to your presentation and make sure everyone’s focused.

You can also download presentation apps like PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Prezi directly onto your Vibe Board for easy presenting. Pull up your PowerPoint presentation on one side of the screen and a Canvas board on the other to see your participants’ questions while you speak. Or, pull up a helpful Chrome webpage, PowerBI chart, or YouTube video to make your presentation really land. Annotate directly over any third-party app to add your own thoughts and ideas to any supplemental material you’re drawing in and craft the perfect presentation. With all these resources at your fingertips, your presentation can stay engaging and dynamic.

But let’s not overlook one of the best resources you can call in: your colleagues! 

Pass the stylus to an audience member and have them add their own notes to your presentation. If you’re presenting a slew of graphs, charts, and figures, consider having your audience come up to the board and circle any data that’s interesting, significant, or confusing to them. With these kinds of interactions, you can be sure that your audience is grasping the material instead of losing focus.

As we’ve mentioned, Vibe’s Zoom integration makes it easy to conference in any remote speaker s. Vibe Board’s mobile companion app, Vibe One, is also a fantastic presentation tool for a quick mic hand-off. If your colleague wants to present their own Canvas, they can instantly log onto the Vibe Board with a quick scan and jump right into their half of the presentation.

Post-Meeting Collaboration:


Why limit interactivity to the presentation itself? Vibe’s technology allows you to export and distribute your presentation, even when it’s over.

Keep the interactions going—export your Canvas to Slack, Gmail, DropBox, or wherever else your ideas live. Return to your Canvas at any time, so you and your audience can add new thoughts or return to old ones. With Vibe, every presentation can be a living, shared document that you build with your team.

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Ready to start putting together an interactive presentation ? Learn more about how to ace your next presentation with the Vibe Board in this quick demo .

Discover how smart whiteboards for business can transform your next presentation and make it more interactive and memorable than ever before.


How do you make a smart whiteboard presentation?

To create a smart whiteboard presentation, you can use Canvas, PowerPoint, or whatever app you can best share your ideas with. Make sure to leverage the Vibe Board’s interactive features to emphasize audience engagement, so you can make sure all your points are heard loud and clear. Check out exclusive tips for building the perfect smart whiteboard presentation here .

Can you use PowerPoint on a smart whiteboard?

Yes! You can download the PowerPoint app directly onto your Vibe Board for easy presenting and sharing. Check out our other third-party app integrations here .

What are the benefits of presenting with a smart whiteboard?

Smart whiteboards allow for presentations to become more active and captivate your audience or team. By creating a more interactive presentation environment, your audience will be more engaged, more productive, and more excited about what you have to say. With a smart whiteboard in your toolkit, every presentation can be effective and memorable.

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