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“Vibe allows for collaboration in person, or virtually. It’s really helped my business grow.”
“Vibe allows for collaboration in person, or virtually. It’s really helped my business grow.”
Mike McHargue
Founder and Principal Consultant at M5 Partners
M5 Partners
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Buyer's FAQ
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  • Which cameras and microphones work with Vibe S1?

    To provide the best video conferencing experience, Vibe S1 offers an optional SmartCam C1, which comes equipped with image enhancement, noise cancellation, and AI features such as auto framing, gallery mode, and more. Vibe is also compatible with most USB-connected cameras and microphones, such as Logitech BRIO, Polycom Studio, etc.
  • Do I need to purchase a stand or wall mount for my Vibe board?

    Vibe offers beautifully designed custom mobile stands (in four colors) that are easy to install. Vibe mobile stands are sold separately from the Vibe board.

    Vibe boards are also compatible with many other types of stands or wall mounts, depending on your needs or requirements. All mounts and stands must be able to support at least 70.0 lb and be compatible with a 200mm x 200mm VESA mount.

  • Which cabled accessories does Vibe support?

    Vibe has 4 USB-C ports and HDMI-In to support additional cabled accessories.
  • What operating system does Vibe run on?

    Vibe S1 runs on VibeOS, an operating system based on Chromium OS. Android apps are also able to run on Vibe.
  • Which apps work on Vibe?

    You can download apps from the Google Play store and Vibe Store, and run Web Chrome extensions. The Vibe Store contains dozens of fully vetted apps, such as Figma, Miro, Asana, Netflix, Slack, Teams, Google Drive, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Zoom, BlueJeans, and more. You can download with a single click and run your favorite apps flawlessly. There is no special licensing required beyond what you’re currently using to access your accounts.
  • How is data stored in Vibe S1?

    The board content is stored in AWS Simple Storage Service (S3). It provides reliable, secure, efficient, and scalable storage that millions of applications already use. The data is further encrypted by one of the strongest encryption methods, AES-256.
  • Does Vibe offer shipping within Canada?

    Standard delivery is complimentary for orders equal to or over CAD$200 in AB, BC, SK, MB, ON, and QC, with an approximate 7-business-day shipping time. For other areas, delivery times may vary.

    For any amendments to shipping information prior to dispatch, contact us at .
  • What is your return policy?

    If you are not happy with Vibe for any reason, you can return the device within 30 days of your delivery date and would only need to cover the return delivery fee.
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