Make your screens impactful in any space
Vibe Rooms, an interactive digital signage solution, enables you to customize your Vibe Board’s home screen, showcasing diverse content tailored to any space.
Meeting Room
Construction Site
Manufacture Factory
Client-Meeting Space
Open Workspace
Architect office
Meeting Room
Meeting Room
Construction Site
Construction Site
Manufacture Factory
Manufacture Factory
Client-Meeting Space
Client-Meeting Space
Open Workspace
Open Workspace
Architect office
Architect office
Discover how a tailored and interactive home screen can benefit you
Every space comes with its distinct purpose. Vibe Rooms caters to these purposes by providing customized home screens which helps to supercharge the visibility and engagement of what’s important.
One-click meeting experience with popular meeting platforms
Integrated with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, everyone can start a meeting with one simple touch on a big screen - no tedious setup needed.
Show up-to-date project progress to get team aligned
With integrations like SmartSheet, Kanban, and Trello, team members can see the project overview and make adjustments by simple drag-and-drop, right on the home screen.
Enlighten and engage students effortlessly
Transform your classroom into an interactive hub, showcasing class schedules, vital announcements, student projects, and captivating topics to nurture curiosity and enhance learning efficiency.
Keep team informed with a real-time dashboard
Show business dashboard, news, and announcements by automatically connecting related apps. Everyone can get the latest information by a simple glance.
Deliver eye-catching brand promotions
Display your brand's story, highlights, and promotions in a vibrant and interactive way to help your brand stand out from the rest.
Enrich your Vibe Board home screen with diverse content
Vibe Rooms allows easy synchronization from various apps and local files with just a few clicks.
Effortless screen management
Hassle-free screen setup
Our intuitive design enables you to set up a screen with a few easy touches, even without assistance from IT.
Swift fleet deployment
Using fleet management, design a home screen tailored to your space and instantly apply it to all screens.
Join the Vibe Rooms
Beta Program
Help us bring the best Vibe Rooms to you.
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Teacher / Professor
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  • What is the Vibe Rooms Beta Program?

    The Vibe Rooms Beta Program is a program where interested users can share their feedback and insights for Vibe Rooms, and influence the product’s development. Everyone joining this program has the opportunity to win a $100 e-gift card and early access to new features.

  • If I sign up for this program, what can I expect next?

    After signing up, you’ll consistently receive the latest updates for Vibe Rooms. To ensure we gather a wide range of feedback, we’ll review your application to determine if you’re suited for a 30-minute interview to discuss your feedback in depth.
    If you already own a Vibe Board, we recommend exploring Vibe Rooms on it. For those who don’t, we’ll present a live demo during the interview.

  • Do I need to have a Vibe Board to experience Vibe Rooms?

    Yes. At present, Vibe Rooms is exclusively designed for the Vibe Board and comes pre-installed on it.

  • What features are available in the beta version?

    The initial beta release of Vibe Rooms focuses on home screens tailored for meeting rooms. It supports integration with leading meeting platforms: Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. We’re actively working on expanding our selection to cater to various industries and spaces.

  • Is there a cost to use Vibe Rooms?

    During the beta phase, Vibe Rooms is available at no additional cost to all Vibe Board users. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance our offerings, and while there might be premium features introduced in the future, we’ll ensure that our users are well-informed ahead of any changes.