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collaborate, innovate, and ideate
like never before with Vibe™.

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Stop meeting and start collaborating

Streamline your meeting rooms with the all-in-one collaboration device. With built in digital whiteboard, HD video conferencing, wireless screencast, and Vibe OS, your teams can spend more time developing the next big idea for your company and less time fiddling with cumbersome and outdated technology.

Bring remote teams closer together

Whether it’s editing a landing page design or mocking up product roadmaps together, the real-time digital whiteboard and HD video conferencing capabilities will allow your teams to feel like they’re working in the same room as one another.

Unique “knock” feature allows you to quickly and easily connect to remote teams by simply knocking on the Vibe screen.

One device
Many functions

An all-in-one device that gives you digital whiteboarding, video conferencing, wireless screencasting, 3rd party app integration, and more to help drive creativity and collaboration.


Real-time smart digital whiteboard

Take your brainstorming and collaboration to the next level with Vibe. Allows for multiple users to interact, draw, write, and edit at the same time on the same canvas.

Fluid user-interface, web browser, and 3rd party app integration allows for easy importing of files and images for efficient creation of new ideas.

Built-in HD video conferencing

Whether you’re a remote team or large in-house team, every business has video conferencing needs. With Vibe, we make it easy to initiate or join a video conference.

Our “knock to connect” feature allows you to simply knock on the screen and connect to another device, anywhere around the world.

3rd party app integration and fluid user interface

Vibe is built on a cloud-based Android operating system that integrates seamlessly with your most popular apps.

All of your notes and collaborations will be saved in the "Slack-like" integrated channels and can easily be shared with anyone.

Most android productivity apps can be opened in Vibe, like Office Suite, Video conference apps, Google Cloud Drives, Dropbox, Slack, and more.

Why Vibe?

Cloud Storage &
Easy Sharing
The Vibe OS is cloud based and let's you easily save and share collaboration spaces, notes, brainstorms and more with your team.
Vibe uses a customized and intuitive interface based on a familiar Slack-like channel system for ease of use and clean organization.
We take security and privacy seriously and have built Vibe to enable guest useage for public spaces or secure log-in for team workplaces.

Become a Vibe beta tester - for free!

We’re hard at work finalizing our first Vibe units and are expecting to have the first batch ready to ship to beta testers by the end of 2018.

We’re looking for companies to use Vibe and provide us with feedback and learnings so we can build the ultimate collaboration solution for teams in 2019.

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