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Remote Collaboration lives here

With Vibe’s powerful & intuitive technology, teams can innovate, ideate, and collaborate in real-time from anywhere in the world.

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What is Vibe?

An all-in-one collaboration hub

Vibe is a collaboration solution that combines an interactive digital whiteboard and smart software. Activate your brainstorming sessions, client presentations, and virtual trainings by combining video conferencing and your favorite applications with an infinite writing canvas.

Take conference calls beyond the dial tone. Get engaged user participation from any device.

We love using the Vibe board for meetings and brainstorming sessions. It has enhanced productivity, creativity and communication amongst our team. It also feels very seamless using the Vibe board and app across various devices.


Bring teams closer

Build a launchpad for high-performing teams with a platform that facilitates sharing knowledge, insights, and ideas.

Connect remote employees like never before by providing them with technology that’s on par with an in-office experience.



Get into the groove

Create without limits. Fluidly sketch, design, and conceptualize on an infinite canvas. Visualize what works, save ideas for other projects, and erase whatever no longer fits with the flow.

Brainstorming doesn’t have to stop when your meeting ends. Instead of spending time recapping and examining old notes, easily return to the canvas and keep the ideas flowing.



Activate your meetings

Think beyond one-way presenting. Ensure that you’re connecting with your audience with interactive sessions. Take notes or mark up images with the real-time whiteboard.

Easily conference in partners or remote employees and share your screen with the group at the touch of a button. Vibe activates client meetings with sharable content from any source, building trust through mutual feedback.



Use your favorite apps

Vibe’s open ecosystem allows you to choose whichever apps are best for you and your organization.

Vibe works with the tools you’ve already invested in, so there’s no need to make additional purchases. And by sticking to the tools that your teams are already using, there’s no learning curve or barrier to adoption.



Easy does it

Using Vibe is as simple as using a traditional whiteboard. Set up takes minutes and you can get going fast with our intuitive touchscreen interface.

With an all-in-one design, Vibe is as simple and easy to install as a TV.

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Trusted across the world

  • The Vibe team has been incredibly open to new ideas to improve the product and even implemented a few suggestions into the most recent software update. This type of co-collaboration makes working with Vibe a premier experience. Absolutely would recommend it to anyone in the market for a digital white-board!

    Shelly Starks

    Associate Partner at Sandler Training, Greater Tampa, FL

  • The Vibe board has been a game changer in how we communicate with clients, both in-person and virtually. I am a long-time user of electronic whiteboards, but the interactive and digital features of the Vibe board have exponentially increased both efficiency and the “wow” factor in client meetings.

    Karen L. Brady

    Estate Planning Attorney, Arvada, Colorado

  • With Vibe, I can now just hit “send” after a meeting and share that board with whoever I want. Vibe will save each board automatically, so I can always pull a board back up during any meeting to show people what we’ve discussed. Even better, we like how you can invite remote coworkers in to collaborate on the board in real time from other devices. Vibe is a gamechanger.

    Rob Karlinsey

    City Manager at City of Kenmore, Washington

  • Vibe’s collaboration factor has been huge. When juggling multiple clients, it’s incredibly helpful to have everything saved in one place so you can easily pick up where you left off. As a UX designer, I like how easy Vibe is to pick up a stylus and sketch on. And for big projects we can even have several people working on a single canvas at once - even from remote locations.

    Kate Womick

    Product Manager at Azul Arc

  • We love using the Vibe board for meetings and brainstorming sessions. It has enhanced productivity, creativity and communication amongst our team. It also feels very seamless using the Vibe board and app across various devices.

    Peter T. Maloof

    Vice President at Capgemini America

  • Best collaboration device we have at our office for memorializing any and all types of meetings – administrative tasks to software design sessions. Incredible device, saves us time and money and allows us to build our AI software products faster! Great job VIBE team, congratulations on a game changer!

    Henry Sal, Jr.

    President of Computing System Innovations

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