See How Vibe Empowers Marketing Agency
with 10x Collaboration Efficiency
See How Vibe
Empowers Marketing Agency with 10x Collaboration Efficiency
Conference rooms and huddle spaces equipped Vibe Boards
Members in design, digital marketing, and sales team use Vibe in daily work
Collaboration within hybrid teams and remote clients is achieved
Sara Helmy
CEO of Tribu Creative
Vibe is a potent tool not just for Tribu, but for any marketing agency that wants to enhance team collaboration and foster business growth.
Improve remote client meetings
Garner real-time collaboration
Enhance internal teamwork
Why Chose Vibe
200+ app integration
Meet diverse role’s needs
Prompt customer support
Use Cases
Video conferencing
Visual creation & presentations
Keyword research
Campaign tracking & project management
Campaign tracking
Project management

Marketing & Advertising
Texas, USA
Products Used
Vibe S1 55″ , Vibe Pro 75″
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Meet Tribu Creative
Meet Tribu Marketing

Marketing & Advertising
Texas, USA
Products Used
Vibe S1 55″ , Vibe Pro 75″
Established in 2011 by Sara Helmy, Tribu Creative is a renowned marketing and advertising agency in Texas. With a vision to create meaningful digital tribes for brands, they’ve earned over 100 prestigious industry awards. As Sara and her team continued to expand their operations, she recognized the pressing need for a dynamic, interactive tool that could enhance both remote client interactions and internal collaboration efficiency, leading her to discover Vibe.
Why Sara chose Vibe
How Sara Chose Vibe?
The challenges of client meetings and communications, especially with clients scattered across the U.S., made it essential to find a solution without compromising the face-to-face connection. Aiming to find something more than just a traditional TV that can screencast to, Sara started searching “interactive whiteboard” and found Vibe that stood out among the rest. Vibe’s simple UI design and its ability to interpret all the essential tools that Sara’s team is already using, makes Sara believe this is incredibly easy to use for her and any of her team members.
How Sara and her team members use the Vibe Boards
How Sara and Her Team
Members Use the Vibe Boards?
Vibe smart whiteboards have seamlessly integrated into Tribu’s daily operations, serving as shared resources across various spaces, from conference rooms to intimate huddle areas. These interactive whiteboards have become invaluable tools for teams across the organization, particularly within design, digital marketing, and sales departments.
Empowering Web Designers
The Web designers have found a creative haven in the Vibe Boards. In the intricate process of crafting complex websites, Vibe Boards provide an ideal platform for visual creation and real-time feedback. Clients are no longer distant spectators but active participants, able to interact directly with designs. They can pinpoint specific elements for adjustment and provide immediate feedback, revolutionizing the feedback and revision process and saving valuable time.
Transforming Digital Marketing Workflows
The digital marketing team, especially those in the ads division, has transformed their workflow with the Vibe Boards. Instead of isolated research, they collaborate on the board, analyzing data and trends. Sara observed this shift and remarked, “I’ve witnessed more collaboration among team members… they shared the board to collaborate via Google keyword planner in an open space. And the report is better!”
Diverse Applications Beyond Primary Functions
Beyond these primary uses, the Vibe Boards have discovered unique applications. The sales team, for instance, leverages them to make their presentations more engaging and interactive. For new hires, these boards serve as an innovative training tool, introducing them to company processes and culture. And during special client events, Vibe Boards are repurposed as digital signages, displaying the company’s portfolio and achievements in a visually captivating manner.
Tribu team’s favorite features
Tribu team’s favorite features
From Sara (CEO)
Seamless Multitasking
Sara’s top pick is the Split Screen functionality. This feature allows her to effortlessly multitask during meetings and team management sessions. On the left side of the split screen, she organizes her to-do list using Asana, while on the right side, she coordinates her tasks in real-time with what’s happening in the meeting. It’s a game-changer for her productivity.
Enhanced Account Management
Ensuring privacy and customization for each user, this feature stands out for Sara, also catering to the diverse needs of her team.
From Other Team Members
Vibrant Whiteboarding
Vibe Board’s responsive touchscreen paired with Vibe Canvas, the infinite canvas, offers an exceptionally intuitive pen-to-paper writing experience. This intuitive interface empowers every team member to express their creativity individually and facilitates seamless group brainstorming sessions without any learning curve.
Mobility in Workspaces
Vibe Board S1 55″s in Tribu were set up with portable stands and wheels. They can be effortlessly moved to any location for discussions, perfectly aligning with the company’s ethos of fostering a free-flowing and collaborative work environment.
Results using Vibe
Results using Vibe
After incorporating Vibe Boards into Tribu’s workflow for an extended period, Sara’s excitement endures, with her asserting that the Vibe experience has consistently surpassed their initial anticipations. Whether it’s for onsite, hybrid teamwork, or remote client interactions, Vibe boosts collaboration and ensures everyone stays on the same page regarding campaign services and deadlines.
It just made remote collaboration ten times easier, all because how easy it is to use a Vibe Board.
In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Sara acknowledges the increasing competition and the rise of powerful AI tools. Yet, with Vibe as a core part of their arsenal, she exudes confidence that her team is better-equipped to cater to clients and fulfil their mission. Vibe, in her eyes, has become indispensable for any marketing agency aspiring to achieve growth and foster effective collaboration in this fast-paced, digitally-driven era.
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Trusted by 33,000+ companies
Trusted by 33,000+ companies
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