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Thanks to innovative technology, workspaces are becoming more flexible and collaborative in order to foster teamwork and engagement, sparking positive results for both companies and employees. Even if you’re not ready to redesign the entire office, you can still create this collaborative atmosphere by adding an interactive whiteboard to your workspace.

Vibe is an intuitive, all-in-one collaboration hub that integrates practical tools with imaginative design, allowing you to create, present, discuss, and enhance your ideas — all without interrupting your workflow.

With Vibe digital whiteboard, you can use video conferencing, wireless screencasting, third-party app integrations, and more, while simultaneously taking notes and making annotations in real time.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some different components of the Vibe smartboard, and how Vibe can help you manage your project from start to finish.

Let’s say you want to come up with an idea for a new product.


Brainstorm project on Vibe smartboard Brainstorm project on Vibe smartboard

Brainstorming can be the first step toward a great idea. With a Vibe smartboard, your team can list objectives, problems, and solutions; create flowcharts; and connect ideas to your company’s goals, all on a 55” 4K UHD touch screen.

Collaborate with team members who are working remotely by starting a Vibe call — they can join the discussion via their own Vibe device, or by using a Skype or Zoom call code. You can also share your screen with remote participants so they can follow along.

When you’re done, you can save your brainstorming canvas for later, or share it with another team. Forget to save? Vibe Cloud’s autosave feature makes sure you don’t lose your progress.

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UI/UX design on Vibe whiteboard UI/UX design on Vibe whiteboard

Once you’ve settled on a product concept, your design team can use Vibe to draw early prototypes; experiment with things like shape, color, and materials; and map out production timelines. And thanks to Vibe’s advanced stylus, the stylus-to-touchscreen experience feels natural, like using a marker on a traditional whiteboard.

Switching back and forth between programs is a thing of the past — Vibe allows you to combine multiple elements (sketches, screenshots, tables, annotations, etc.) all on the same canvas.

Get stuck? You can refer back to your brainstorming canvases at any time to keep your goals in focus.


Share your progress with your team Share your progress with your team

When it’s time to share your progress you can use your favorite apps, like Microsoft Teams and Slack, to share content to any device via secure URL. You can also create a Vibe call to connect to other Vibe boards across the globe, and invite those without Vibe devices to join in on Skype or Zoom using a call code.

As you pass along saved canvases to other teams for workshopping, you can be confident that your intellectual property is safe — Vibe is serious about security, following best practices for technology like AES-256 encryption and AWS S3 storage.

Vibe’s public sharing system includes features like guest mode, auto-expiring codes to limit sharing time, tap to clear content, multi-user sign-in, and permission controls, so you can easily manage who has access to your content.

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A smooth presentation using Vibe A smooth presentation using Vibe

Ready to pitch a digital prototype? Vibe will make sure your presentation runs smoothly. The board is easy to transport, and the portable stand allows you to adapt to the layout of any room. And remember, if someone can’t make it to the physical presentation, they don’t have to miss out — you can use Vibe calls to share your product with long-distance shareholders, vendors, and buyers.

Have a presentation saved on your computer? Wirelessly screencast to your Vibe board, and use the stylus to annotate your presentation as you go. You can also screencast from your Vibe board to a TV, or even project onto a wall for maximum presentation size.

The interactive elements will keep your audience engaged, allow for further collaboration, and help you get your ideas across.

With you every step of the way

The Vibe smartboard incorporates the magic of collaboration into a sleek package designed to break down barriers to creativity. It checks more boxes than any other smartboard on the market, with features and integrations that optimize workflow.

Vibe is more than just a device — it’s a member of your team, cultivating productivity and innovation at every step in the creative process.

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Vibe offers a collaborative solution combining an interactive digital whiteboard and innovative smart software. Increase engagement and efficiency at your brainstorming sessions, virtual training, and classroom sessions by integrating your favorite applications with video conferencing and an infinite, mess-free writing canvas! Collaborate today with Vibe.

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