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Our vision is to build a great organization to keep making great products and great machines. We want to bring Vibe to every workspace and empower people collaborating anywhere.
Charles Yang
CEO at Vibe
Our core values

Customer first

Everything we do, we do it with the customer in mind. If it doesn't make the customer happy, it doesn't happen—end of story.


To us, integrity is a combination of truth, transparency, bravery, and common sense. We will always fight for what we believe in.


At Vibe, everyone is a beginner. We strive to unlearn our pre-conditioned ideas. We're always open to diverse perspectives and new challenges.


Our destiny is to build great products for our customers. We are proud of what we do, unwaveringly curious, and unbelievably passionate.

Who we are
Our team is a diverse group. We have people that have studied or worked in America, Canada, France, Korea, Egypt and Algeria! Past positions held by Vibe team members include Designer at Facebook, Product Manager at Apple, Software Development Engineers at Twitter and Microsoft. The list goes on.
Working and thriving

Flexible working arrangement

We all understand that working at office is not always the most efficient and creative. Working from home, coffee bar, or wework workspace, all could be our offices.


Vibe attaches importance to the personal development. We would assign a mentor for each new employee, and encourage all different kinds of learning and knowledge sharing.

Flat organization

We adopt a flat hierarchical structure, which improves the efficiency of organizations by removing management structures, and leaving more freedom for each employee.

Happier weekdays

A meeting-light culture guest speakers, and opportunities to get to know your team better through things like monthly team building, Friday Socials, and game nights.

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