Vibe Board

The Vibe Board is an interactive digital whiteboard that enhances collaboration with a 4K 55” screen and built in speakers.
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  • Could Vibe be mounted on the wall?

    Vibe supports standard VESA 200 x 200 mount so the Vibe board can be installed on any compatible wall mounts or stands which support at least 65 lbs.
  • Does Vibe come with a warranty or maintenance support?


    Vibe boards purchased through our website come with a one-year warranty. See the warranty card in your Vibe package for more information.

  • Is Vibe compatible with any webcam?

    Vibe is compatible with most USB connected cameras.

    If you are in the market for a new camera that you would want to use with your Vibe board, our team has tested the following cameras and can confirm their compatibility with Vibe.

    • Logitech 920
    • Logitech 930
    • Logitech BRIO
    • Logitech Conference Cam Bcc950
    • Logitech Meetup
    • Owl camera
    • Polycom Studio

    If for any reason you are experiencing issues with connecting a camera or webcam to your Vibe board, please contact support at to start a support ticket.

  • How long does shipping usually take?

    Depending on where you are located, shipping can take anywhere from 3-5 business days. (Our warehouses are located in Southern California)
  • What are the product dimensions?

    Vibe board dimensions:

    • Diagonal screen size: 55”
    • Product dimensions: 50.6” (width) x 29.1”(height) x 2.9” (depth)
    • Product weight: 60.6 lbs
    • Package size: 56.7” (width) x 37”(height) x 8.8” (depth)
    • VESA Mount: 200 x 200 mm

    Vibe stand dimensions:

    • Stand size: 50.4” (width) x 50.9” (height) x 26” (depth)
    • Weight: 33 lbs

Customer reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ernst U Frevert
Amazon Review

Great product, great support.

Great product, and really good customer support. And they seem to further improve features with new software version releases. Highly recommended.

Amazon Review

Amazing Product that outshines all the rest, even the major brands!

This product sounds great, and it actually is great in practice. It has features that can’t compare to any of the other options out there. What makes this solution superior is the software behind the scenes. Always getting updates too for more and more improvements! A definite recommend for home office or business!

Amazon Review

Best Decision in 2020

I was on the fence for years about should I have a smartboard in my office… I made the decision after I found VIBE because I compared its features with all the ones I’ve seen in the past. Long story short VIBE blew them all out of the water! I’ve been using it daily to do Zooms and it makes my business more engaging and fun to conduct throughout the day… The Customer Service is Awesome too, which surprised me as they are the new kid on the block so to speak! 5 stars and a High Five for VIBE guys!

Amazon Review

Great for Courtroom presentations, collaboration, and meetings

I recently bought a Vibe Interactive 4k Touchscreen board. Since then I have used it in about 20 court hearings which were conducted by video conference. I also use it daily in meetings with my clients, witnesses, vendors and attorneys across the United States. The Vibe board is the best and most effective interactive board I have used…

SC Native
Amazon Review

This is a great white board/UC system

The system is very user friendly and offers feature rich apps. Vibe has bridged technology that is usually not available or very clunky to use. The price and quality is unbeatable with great technical support. I have deployed many boards in a corporate environment with little issues… I highly recommend the Vibe Board for a small to medium conference room…

Gina Fant-Simon
Amazon Review

Amazing - user-friendly - awesome whiteboard

I started shopping for a whiteboard and I was pretty astounded at the high prices - I was feeling discouraged and then I saw the Vibe board and how affordable it was compared to the name brands… Now, months later, you would have to pry this out of my hands… I am blown away by this board. It shows up as an airplay device then in one click I’m sharing changes to a project I’m working on, doing a presentation and then zooming with a colleague in Ireland… I’ve sent them countless support questions and over the months, their tech team consistently responds pretty much immediately or within a few hours…

Amazon Review

Best digital whiteboard I’ve used

There are a few options out there for digital/collaboration boards. I originally purchased the Samsung Flip 2 and had to return it due to its lack of cloud collaboration and Samsung-only browser that did not allow for browser-based tools. What really stands out with the Vibe besides its good looks and large, brilliant screen, is the interface that allows for easily adding popular tools like Miro or Jira- tools a creative director or product manager needs to work with multiple teams…

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