Vibe Security Overview

More than 1000 customers–spanning highly competitive industries like Technology, Consulting, Aerospace and Higher Education–all trust Vibe to securely manage their high priority projects.

Protect your organization with ease with Vibe’s cutting edge features and state-of-the-art security practices, all designed to safeguard your data.

Trusted by 1000+ top industry leaders

Security features


Identity Management

Vibe ensures that only the right people and approved devices can access user’s or team’s content in Vibe cloud with SAML based Single sign-on. Vibe also support OAuth sign in from trusted identity providers like Google, Microsoft and Slack.


Data Protection

Vibe encrypts all customer data both in transit and at rest using industry standards like SSL v2 and AES-256 alongside Amazon’s Key Management Service (AWS KMS). Deleted user content is permanently removed across all back end servers to ensure data governance policy.


Audit Log

Stay informed. Vibe audits the track of events related to each individual canvas, so you’re always aware of who has accessed your content.


Access Control

When a Vibe board is shared–whether within an organization or across the world–Vibe ensures that only the right people can access it.

We are serious about security

Carefully vetted security apps, remotely-stored personal information, trusted identity providers, AES-256 encryption and AWS S3 storage work together to keep your intellectual property safe and secure.
Compliance to various security standards
Single-sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols
Encryption of data in transit and at rest
Security in our software development lifecycle

Privacy modes designed with you in mind

vibe online canvas can share with people

Ephemeral mode for shared workspaces

Vibe offers a mode for shared spaces that includes guest access roles, an expiring code to limit the sharing time, tap to clear content, multi-user sign in, and a permission control on every canvas.
vibe board security privacy

Configure for enterprise security

Security and privacy come first, and Vibe allows organizations to determine which configuration works best for their unique environment. Use Vibe Cloud, remain completely offline, or use cloud drives like Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox or Box. Customized configurations are possible.

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Enterprise grade security and capabilities

We provide private cloud service with Enterprise accounts.
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