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Customers spanning industries like Technology, Government, Consulting, Aerospace and Higher Education all trust Vibe to securely manage their high priority projects.


Security, built right in

Trusted computing with TPM 2.0

With Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Vibe smart whiteboard* makes sure to encrypt user profiles and certificates, facilitate disk encryption, the list goes on.

*Compatible devices required.

Secure wireless connection with WPA3

WPA3™ provides cutting-edge security protocols to the market, enabling more robust authentication, delivering increased cryptographic strength for highly sensitive data markets.

More secure hardware means more secure software

Single sign-on authentication

Vibe ensures that only the right people and approved devices can access user’s or team’s content.

  • Vibe also support OAuth sign in from trusted identity providers like Google, Microsoft and Slack.
  • Additionally, Vibe supports SAML-based SSO from Azure, Okta and more for access control and user account management.

Data encryption & protection

Vibe encrypts all customer data both in transit and at rest using industry standards like SSL v2 and AES-256 alongside AWS KMS.

  • When using web apps, Vibe keeps your files safe, with all important data stored locally and encrypted using tamper-resistant hardware.
  • Deleted user content is permanently removed across all back-end servers to ensure data governance policy.

Over-the-air updates

Vibe provides automatic security updates every 2-4 weeks to ensure you're working on the latest and most secure versions of Vibe and Chromium OS.


Each web page and application runs in a restricted environment called a "sandbox". If you’re directed to an infected page, the threat is isolated and contained, so it can’t affect anything else on the device.

You’re in control with Vibe Admin Console

Configure and manage your devices and users remotely from any web browser, IT admins can tailor the setup process to any team.
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    Customize device policies

    Create different sets of rules for different users or scenarios, e.g. in a teacher’s office or for the classroom, then easily apply the rules to all devices in bulk.

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    App management

    Pre-install, allow or block the installation and usage of any app, e.g. guest accounts can only access a limited selection of apps.

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    Allow/deny URLs

    For enterprises that are keen on taking a more strict approach to website access control, admins can easily block malicious websites.

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    User management

    Bulk onboard and offboard users with managed emails and assign privileges for additional users on your IT team.

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    Auto end session

    Set a predefined time for Vibe smart whiteboard to automatically log the user out of their session.

Vibe protects your privacy and gives you control over your information


Dedicated user accounts

When working in a shared workspace, you can sign in to your dedicated account to stop unauthorized access to your apps or sensitive information.


Secure your work, from anywhere

Sign out with the Vibe One app from your phone remotely, even if you left the office. You can also set an automatic session idle timeout.


You decide who gets to cast

With password protection for screencast, no one can cast inappropriate content on your smart whiteboard by mistake and interrupt an important meeting or teaching session.


Access control

Your work on Canvas is only seen by who you send them to. Sharing policies let you choose who has the full picture and different levels of permissions.

Industry-accepted compliance frameworks

It is our opinion that Vibe’s Software meets the aforementioned desired security and privacy control objectives, the objectives were complied with satisfactorily, and the controls were in operation as of May 2, 2022.
Jim Kelton
Managing Principal, Altius Information Technologies
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Configurable for the most stringent requirements

Coming soon in 2023 Q3

Centralized management on Canvas Team Workspace

Create in a shared workspace for easy collaboration, content organization and better admin oversight. Admins can turn off link sharing to prevent anyone outside the organization from accessing critical company files.
Coming soon in 2023 Q3

Configure for enterprise security

Vibe allows organizations to determine which configuration works best for their unique environment. Customized configurations are possible.

  1. Use your own server
  2. Remain completely offline
  3. Use cloud drives.
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