Digital Whiteboards: the 11 Best Reasons to Invest


By now, you’ve probably heard of digital whiteboards. While the technology has been around for some time, offices and classrooms have just recently started to fully embrace them. And they’ve also been a lifesaver for people working and learning remotely, especially since they can virtually help employees get the “feel” of an office meeting while in the comfort of their own home.

But, it makes sense to be on the fence about it, especially if it takes you some time to embrace technological changes. There’s nothing wrong with a standard whiteboard, especially if it’s been an essential way to make sure everyone on the team is on the same page. Here are some reasons why it may be worth it to upgrade.

1. You can flawlessly connect with remote employees.

If you have a company with employees all around the globe, an online whiteboard is a great way to get them in the same space as you. Digital whiteboards like the Vibe board connect with apps like Zoom, meaning that you can call someone in for a group meeting and have them projected on the screen. They can also have access to the whiteboard your group is working with, so it’s like they’re right there with you even if they’re actually thousands of miles away.

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2. All notes on your canvas can be saved.

Regular whiteboards only give you a certain amount of room to work. When you’re done with a note, you need to erase it to make space for more. The same isn’t true for whiteboard software. If you’re the type of person who likes to juggle 15 ideas at once, digital whiteboards are a wonderful way to get all of your thoughts out without accidentally losing information. Canvases can be saved and accessed at any time.

3. This will also save time with note-taking.


Personally, I’m someone who loves taking notes at meetings. They help me remember big points that were made, and are great to reflect on later. That also means that other employees usually ask me for clarification on something that was said, since they see me jotting notes down. Digital whiteboards save time. And in certain occupations, time is money. It’s much easier for all parties if colleagues can easily access the canvases without having to ask other employees.

4. If you run a company, you always want to stay ahead of the game.

If you run a very small yet notable mom-and-pop store, or a company that’s a little behind the times, it may feel slightly intimidating to upgrade. But if you want to stay in the game, eventually you’ll need to make sure your technology is up to date. Employees work better on faster computers that don’t lag, and fax machines these days usually create more paper waste than anything else. A digital whiteboard will openly show your employees that you’re invested in the future of the company. You want things to move more smoothly, and have practices in place that aren’t outdated.

5. They’re great for people with sloppy handwriting.

Not all of us have great handwriting, especially these days when we type far more often than we write. The Vibe board flawlessly identifies your written text and turns it into a readable font that everyone can understand. It’ll make your thoughts and ideas clearer and save employees time so that they don’t have to decipher any scribbles.

6. It’ll inspire you to find new ways to work with your team.

Due to the coronavirus, many of us had to find a place to work at home. And, many of us ended up liking this arrangement. Sometimes, you need to make big changes to figure out the best ways to communicate as a team. It’s possible that standard meetings were a little stale before 2020 hit, and the pandemic suddenly made you focus on how you’ve been organizing staff. With a digital whiteboard, you can also teach yourself a brand new way to communicate and work together. It can be a complete game-changer.

7. It’ll also inspire you to brush up on your own skills.

Digital whiteboards are fairly easy to figure out and very user friendly. But if you’re the type of person who is a little behind, getting a digital whiteboard is a great learning tool. It can teach you about plenty of different apps that’d be beneficial to your workspace, and also let you figure out the best ways to make a presentation. Powerpoint is great, but presenting on a digital whiteboard is far more interactive. If you’re a boss, you should at least learn the basics of how these new programs run, to help you keep up with your employees.

8. They’re also great if you have kids.

Using the whiteboard app on the Vibe board Using the whiteboard app on the Vibe board

Digital whiteboards are a great tool for children. They’re wonderful for learning, but also play. If you’re in the midst of an at-home call and need to keep your kids busy, they can play games on it. And, based on the way that Vibe boards save canvases, you can feel secure in knowing that they won’t accidentally delete any notes or work that was done on the board prior to.

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9. If you happen to be a teacher who teaches the same class multiple times per day, they can save you time.

How many times have you had to draw the same diagram for different groups of children? If you have the notes saved year after year (or, day after day, depending on how your schedule is set) it’ll save some time when you need to present it to a different group. That’ll allow more time for discussion. They can also save you a lot of paper. Instead of printing out copies of notes for all of the kids to see, they can just access the notes digitally.

10. Teachers can also change their lectures to work more around the whiteboard.

Many teachers work with the same subject year after year. Sometimes, the information can get stale. And if a teacher doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic about a particular topic, their students will feed off this lack of energy and not pay attention. Adding an online whiteboard to the equation will help a teacher revamp their lesson plans and get excited about creating a fresh lecture. Keeping up with technology is incredibly important in regards to education.

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11. Digital whiteboards are the future.

Even back in 2008, President Obama recognized the importance of classrooms going digital — and even called out digital whiteboards as being the way of the future. The technology of these whiteboards has improved significantly since. Vibe boards, in particular, are constantly being updated to include more user-friendly features. Now is the time to make the jump and improve your work life.

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