Hello World. We Are Vibe.

Hello World. We Are Vibe.


Why are we called Vibe?

The idea for Vibe Board came from the things that inspired me as a child.

I was a huge fan of science fiction. I’ve loved Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, and Blade Runner since I was young. Like many science fiction fans, I dreamt of being a futuristic thinker, creating marvelous machines that break down the boundaries of space and time.

Since the beginning, I wanted to build machines that enabled more personal, more human connections. Thankfully, I found a team of people who share my vision and values.

The problems we set out to solve were the same problems that we faced ourselves. Before Vibe was created, we used a stack of independent apps and software to collaborate across China and the U.S. We wanted to create one tool: an immersive virtual environment that enabled effortless communication from anywhere, all with a dash of magic — kind of like our product’s namesake, the “vibes” of the Harry Potter universe.


Our vision for the Vibe Board

When we created Vibe, our goals were to:

  • Unlock creative potential by offering an unlimited workspace.
  • Create the experience of face-to-face collaboration from anywhere.
  • Intuitively react to the needs of teams.
  • Integrate the tools we used the most, including Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more.

Learning from experience

Running a team that stretched from Seattle to Shanghai, we met the same challenges that many modern companies face every day. The Vibe interactive whiteboard was a direct result of this experience.

Take our commitment to remote collaboration , for example. Our international team originally tried to coordinate work by exchanging meeting invites, following up on details, and dialing into conference lines. But all of those logistical workarounds cut into the time we could actually spend on collaboration.

Now we just need to sign into Vibe Board, then pick up our work from wherever we left off using Vibe cloud. Any remote team can easily connect by sharing Vibe Boards through a simple code. (The code even works for teammates who don’t have Vibe devices.) Because of the board, we can easily connect across the Pacific Ocean to chat, swap stories, and collaborate on projects in our daily meetings.

Everything we’ve put into Vibe (like wireless screencasting, integrations with popular apps, and annotations on all files) has come from our desire to create the product we needed most.

And we’re not done yet. We’re constantly innovating to create new solutions for an evolving world.

The Vibe team is growing

Seattle Team-New Year Party Seattle Team-New Year Party

After two years, more and more creative young people have joined Vibe globally. Our offices are currently located in different countries and cities, expanding from Seattle to Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen (three cities in China).

Our team members also have diverse backgrounds. We have people that studied or worked in America, Canada, France, Korea, Egypt, and Algeria! We have team members who worked as designers at Facebook, product managers at Apple, and software development engineers at Twitter and Microsoft. The list goes on.

But now we are a part of Vibe, because we all share the values of passion for great products, open-mindedness, integrity, and putting the customer first.

China Team-Christmas Gift Exchange China Team-Christmas Gift Exchange

We work remotely each day using the Vibe interactive whiteboard. And we are here to help more people who want the most productive collaboration.

Thanks for reading. We couldn’t be more excited to finally share Vibe with you all.

Vibe offers a collaborative solution combining an interactive digital whiteboard and innovative smart software. Increase engagement and efficiency at your brainstorming sessions, virtual training, and classroom sessions by integrating your favorite applications with video conferencing and an infinite, mess-free writing canvas. Collaborate today with Vibe.

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