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Wow your clients, minimize complexity

Vibe interactive whiteboard enables you to organize, templatize, document, and share. Provide your clients with extraordinary service, provide yourself with powerful simplicity.

The Vibe board has been a game changer in how we communicate with clients, both in-person and virtually. I am a long-time user of electronic whiteboards, but the interactive and digital features of the Vibe board have exponentially increased both efficiency and the “wow” factor in client meetings.

Karen L. Brady

Estate Planning Attorney, Arvada, Colorado

We adapt to you

Use Vibe interactive whiteboard to support your existing processes, enhance your meetings, organize all of your work, and be able to export sessions with the tap of a stylus.


Endless features for limitless potential

Vibe allows you to import documents, create and reuse templates, apply virtual sticky notes, and enables you to configure its features and apps to support your unique business needs.


Adapt to your clients’ individual needs

Peace of Mind

Vibe software is stored on a secure AWS cloud; rest assured your work is saved automatically, in a secure location.


Make things as easy as possible for your clients with the ability to export and share your working sessions.


Working sessions can be easily accessed later, so you can pick up where you left off.

Adapt to your clients’ individual needs


Ready to see Vibe in action?

Our demo video will give you a general overview of Vibe’s features and capabilities, as well as a demonstration of the key features that will help support your goals.

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  • How to present PowerPoint

    How to do a PowerPoint presentation with Vibe? Here we provide three options.
  • Using Eshare to screencast

    Using Eshare for your wireless screencast, and you can even touch back to control the screen on the Vibe board!
  • Using Templates

    Pre-built templates can help you work faster. Come to see how to use templates on Vibe

Experience Vibe for yourself

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