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Sufficient for home use or startups


Forever, no but, if or hidden tricks


More powerful features that empower team productivity



Per seat when billed yearly. $7.99 when billed monthly.


Solutions tailored toward each unique enterprise
Top features:
Unlimited number of whiteboards
Collaborate from anywhere via Vibe cloud
Share boards with anyone via link
Import media from cloud drives
Export to PDF (with watermark)
Join a team workspace as a guest
All features in starter, plus:
Data sync from supported cloud drive
Anonymous board editors
Advanced sharing permissions
Team workspace enabled
Export boards without watermark
Shared team templates
All features in business, plus:
Advanced fleet management
Policy enroll & management
Bulk operations
Private cloud capable
Dedicated customer support
SAML/LDAP integration
Many features available when combined with a Vibe Board, starting from $2999
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Top features:
Use your Vibe as a central video conferencing system with apps such as Zoom, Team and Google Hangout
Present your ideas wirelessly and annotate during your discussion
Work in offline mode that guarantees data security
Our robust apps ecosystem let you use apps that you already love
All features in starter, plus:
Account management for your team
Device management and configuration for your team
Team apps
Customized homescreen
All features in business, plus:
ChromiumOS based OS
TPM chip
Fully centralized device management support
Bi-Monthly security updates
Malware injection

Web AppVibe BoardWeb AppVibe BoardWeb AppVibe Board
Board LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Cloud Collaboration
Import from Cloud Drives
Export to PDFlimited
Template Builder

Share via Linklimited
Anonymous Viewers
Anonymous Editors
Turn off Shared Link
Share via Code
Share via Email

Export PDF to Cloud Drive
Cloud Drive Sync
Offline Mode

Team Workspace Guest
Team Workspace
Shared Team Templates

Apps Ecosystem
Presentation & Annotation
One-Click Video Conferencing
Screen Casting

Device Monitoring
Policy Edit
Configure Team Apps
Custom Device Policy
Bulk Operations
Scheduled Jobs
Device Reporting

Custom Management Policy
Private Cloud Capable
Dedicated Customer Support
SMAL/LDAP Integration
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Pricing FAQs

  • What features are missing from the Starter plan comparing to your Business plan?

    • Features wise, not much! We want you to experience all the features we have to offer, not hiding any behind some pay wall
    • Sharing is limited. In our Starter plan, a shared link cannot be turned off. This is sufficient for personal or home use. But if you are running a business that require more security and permission control, then please choose our Business plan
    • No team workspace, see question below in this FAQ
    • No anonymous editors support in Starter plan
    • Exports will have a Vibe watermark
    • Cloud drive data sync is not available in Starter plan
  • What is the difference between Vibe Whiteboard and Vibe Board?

    Vibe Whiteboard is our cloud collaboration software while the Vibe Board is our big iPad like hardware. The Vibe Board can of course run our whiteboard app plus many other apps available from App Store.
  • Do I need to have a Vibe Board to use the Vibe Whiteboard software?

    No, even tho you will have a much better experience using our Whiteboard App on the Vibe Board, it can be used as a stand alone product. For example, a teacher may use the whiteboard from a Vibe Board during a class while the students can participate from their devices of choice: laptop, tablets and even mobile.
  • How accessible is the Whiteboard App, do I need to install anything?

    We built our whiteboard for collaboration. That means for the most part, any device that have a web browser will be able to use our software, no installation is required. Head to to get try it out.
  • What is the difference between an individual account and a team account?

    Our Starter plan is an individual account type. If you want to collaborate with others under this plan, you will need to manually share the board. In a team environment, sharing and collaboration happens naturally between team members. Whiteboards created by any member is automatically available to other members of the same team. Team account is available only under Business tier with at least 1 paying member.
  • When or why should I upgrade from the Starter plan to the Business plan?

    We love that many people are collaborating on our platform and we will continue to offer a robust starter plan so many more can benefit from. While our starter plan have many features only available in others’ paid tier, we think our customers will naturally upgrade because they received sufficient value after using our starter plan for a while. I.e. if one day you find yourself out of cloud storage, a clear indication of value realized in our service, we hope you will continue your service and upgrade. In general the starter plan is designed to on-board new users, better suited for personal, home or small business use.
  • What is the ideal setup for the Vibe Whiteboard software?

    Any device that support a stylus is great, best used with our Vibe Board hardware, or tablets such as the iPad + Apple Pencil.
  • What happens to my boards if I downgrade from Business plan to Starter plan?

    With Vibe Starter plan, there is a limit of 10 boards per account. If you have more than 10 boards, we recommend you first consolidate down to 10 before you downgrade your Business plan. If you chose not to consolidate, your recently edited 10 boards will be saved for you.
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