8 Ways To Use A Vibe Board With Kids


By now, you probably know that digital whiteboards like the Vibe board are excellent to have in the workplace — especially if you’ve been working from home these days. It’s a great way to connect you with your team, especially with all of the functions that a traditional whiteboard doesn’t have.

But, a Vibe board is also a great thing to have to help entertain and educate kids. If you’re currently homeschooling, it’s a great investment to have. It’s a quick and easy way to turn your home office into a classroom that’ll inspire learning.

Here are eight great ways that kids can enjoy a Vibe board.

1. You can use it to teach at home.

If you need to explain an idea, sketching it out is a great way to get the point across. Your kids can also sketch out their ideas, and you can save canvases to reflect on later. There are also plenty of apps that can connect to your Vibe board. You can even project what’s on your laptop to the board, making it serve as a projector. It’s a lot like how you learned in a classroom, except much sleeker and easier to control.

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2. You can play games on it.

Getting tired of Animal Crossing? You can also play games with your kids using your Vibe board. From Tic-Tac-Toe and Hangman to Dots & Boxes, it’s like having endless pieces of paper at your disposal. Games don’t need to be flashy to be fun. There are also plenty of apps that integrate with the Vibe board, and new features are being announced all the time.

3. You can connect with tutors.


Since distance learning is becoming so popular, there are a bunch of tutors out there who’d love to connect with your child and help them out. Maybe it’s just for math homework, or maybe they’re interested in learning a new language. Having a tutor they can chat with through their Vibe board will help them gain new skills and better the skills they already have. It’s also a little less daunting than an online classroom, as the instruction will likely be one-on-one.

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4. They can chat with their friends.

Put down your phone and chat with your friends while relaxing on your couch, hands-free. Vibe connects with apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and your kids will love being able to chat with friends in such an innovative way. Remember, Zoom doesn’t have to just be for work meetings and school. It’s also one of the safest ways to connect with people you miss in real time.

5. You can use it to color.

You can draw your own images for your child to color in, or copy and paste some good ones from the internet. Use your Vibe board as a great way to color and create. Your kids will have a blast using something other than crayons and markers to create their own at-home masterpiece. They can also make collages. It’s easy to find and use images from the internet, so they can create a variety of personalized pieces that’ll keep them busy.

6. They can communicate with you in a new way.

Are you a parent who’s fond of a chore chart? You can keep your kids organized by sharing family notes and reminders with them through your Vibe board. They can also make notes and changes. Some kids work better with written words than verbal communication, so it may actually help you eliminate fights if this way of connecting works best for both of you.

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7. They can access YouTube or Netflix.

Have you ever experienced a movie on a Vibe board before? It’s pretty cool. If you’re trying to multitask and just want your children to settle down for an hour or two, you can connect Netflix to your Vibe board and let them watch a movie. Your children will be really excited to use the technology this way. Sure, televisions are great — but digital whiteboards are a lot cooler.


8. They can download and try new apps using the board.

The Vibe board is one of the few that can access the app store. So if you’re looking for a digital whiteboard to add to your house, it’s a very good choice. If you’re also using it for work, it’s also easy to use, so that your children won’t accidentally delete your notes and canvases while looking for new apps to use.

The Vibe board is very child-friendly, and a great way for them to learn outside of a laptop. It’s also a great way to connect with friends and loved ones, and truly have their presence fill the room. If your children are starting to get a little bored, adding a Vibe board can help them discover a new way to play and express themselves.

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