Connect With Key Teams Using the Best Video Conferencing Hardware

Connect With Key Teams Using the Best Video Conferencing Hardware


Video conferencing helps to bridge the gap between agencies, teams, and clients all around the world. Whether you’re working from home as part of a remote team or meeting with a new customer in another state, many of us rely on video conferencing to make this kind of connection possible. But it takes more than signing up for virtual meeting software to host a successful video conference. You’ll need the right tools, too. Use this guide to help you choose the best video conferencing hardware for your team’s collaboration efforts.

Things to consider when buying video conferencing hardware

When setting up a video conferencing room, it’s important to think through your needs before investing in any hardware. Video tools are excellent for creating a collaborative experience, but they work best when you selectively choose the hardware that meets your requirements. Here’s what to consider:

  • The number of participants: How many people will typically be part of your video conference sessions? A single webcam could be enough for one or two participants. But for more people, you’ll need additional features like high-definition displays, a wide field of view, and possibly zoom functions. More people also means a need for more speakers and microphones.
  • Ease of use: The video conferencing hardware you choose should be simple to set up and use. This applies for meeting hosts as well as participants. It should work seamlessly with your existing setups and allow you to access any necessary documents or software quickly.
  • The types of meetings: Are your meetings a collaborative effort or more of a presentation? Depending on the type of meetings, you might need additional features like whiteboard functionality or screen sharing capabilities.
  • Compatibility: When choosing your video conferencing hardware, consider how it works with your collaboration technology of choice. For example, if your entire team is already familiar with Zoom , make sure that your hardware is compatible with the platform.

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Must-have video conferencing components


While it might seem obvious that you need a computer for video conferencing, there are a couple of reasons we recommend a laptop:

  • They’re portable and easy to use. You can video conference with clients, coworkers, or students from anywhere.
  • They come equipped with high-quality webcams. There’s no need to purchase an external webcam if your laptop has one built-in already.

High-definition television

A high-definition television allows you to see all of the video conference participants clearly. Look for one that’s large enough for people in the back of the room to view the screen easily. Also, check that it has a crisp display so everyone can see the specific details of what’s happening.

Your TV choice will depend heavily on the size of your conference room. You don’t have to purchase the biggest one you can find if you only hold small conferences—picture quality is more important than size—but ensure that it’s placed in a way that everyone can view the screen with ease.

External microphone and speakers

Microphones are essential components for video conferences. Relying solely on a laptop’s microphone to pick up sounds without picking up interference is insufficient for everything but the smallest conference rooms.

Also, while your TV might have great speakers, they often won’t produce the volume or quality of sound necessary for video meetings. A combination of external microphones and speakers will have the best results in projecting high-quality sounds coming from around the room rather than a single direction from the television.

For video conferencing, we recommend the following microphones and speakers:

  • Jabra SPEAK 510+
  • Jabra SPEAK 710
  • Emeet M2
  • Emeet M220

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Camera or webcam

Sure, your laptop’s webcam will suffice for joining a video conference. But it doesn’t have the quality necessary to host a video meeting. For large conferences, it’s best to invest in an external camera or webcam.

We recommend these cameras (that all come with a built-in microphone):

  • Logitech BRIO
  • eMeet C980 Pro Webcam
  • Logitech Conference Cam Bcc950
  • Logitech Meetup
  • Owl Camera
  • Polycom Studio

Interactive whiteboard or smart board

Interactive whiteboards and smart board s are extremely useful for team collaboration. Other than performing similar functions to a traditional whiteboard, they allow you to work out problems in a team setting and digitize, save, and distribute that work to others. Interactive whiteboards are essential for cohesive, collaborative video conferences.

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Wireless router

All of your video conferencing hardware relies on internet connectivity. By investing in a high-quality wireless router, you can avoid poor connections and lag that disrupts your meetings. Upgrading your router will give you a seamless connection to host and join video conferences easily without worrying about your video or voice cutting out.

Turn-key hardware packages for the whole room

Sometimes the easiest option is to set up a single device and take it from there. For a simple video conference room set-up, look into turn-key hardware packages that integrate a group of useful devices. While you can’t get the customization you’ll get from choosing each piece of hardware individually; it is a simple, one-stop-shop solution for video conferencing.

All-in-one video conferencing hardware

You can also use video conferencing hardware that incorporates multiple features into an all-in-one meeting solution. You can typically save money going this route over purchasing each item individually. With the Vibe interactive whiteboard , all you need to do is choose your favorite webcam and speaker combination from our recommendations above, and you’ll be ready for high-quality video conferencing in no time.

High-quality video conferencing hardware boosts professionalism

Video conferencing is a fantastic tool for any business, giving you the ability to host meetings with coworkers, colleagues, and students from anywhere at any time. Choosing the best hardware not only boosts your professionalism, it also ensures a smooth video experience for all parties involved.

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